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Will you remember; Japanese artist and designer Yukiko Morita with handmade lamps called “Pampshade” made from real bread. announced his name. Bread making, where most of us experience a pandemic for the first time, is an area where the designer is a master. Morita, who used to work as a baker, began turning these loaves into lighting with a unique technique while thinking about how to evaluate loaves that went to waste. This time, the designer used the same technique to make watches and NAAAAN Time He created a watch design called.

Transforming the edible into a functional object for the home: NAAAAN time

NAAAAN TimeWith its smooth and delicious looking shape, it aims for the user to follow time in a calmer and more relaxing way. The materials used to make the NAAAAN bread used in a watch; classified as flour, salt, yeast and sugar. He covered the outside with resin to prevent the bread from rotting. Finally, he attached the hour hand and the battery compartment to the watch. Thus, the 1931 of Salvador Dalí The perseverance of memory (also known as The hours of fusion) Clocks reminiscent of those in the named painting. Already Yukiko moritaThe inspiration was this painting.

Since the shape of each bread is different, each NAAAAN time has a different texture and shape. The resin in the outer layer is antibacterial and antifungal, which can protect the lamp for years.

The lack of a numeric dial and the approximate time display make this watch even better, according to the designer. He put it this way: “Like Naan’s smooth form, I want to be able to live in time and stay calm in general, without saying too much about the details.”

Picture: Yukiko morita

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