City of Miami offers to pay salaries in Bitcoin

The area of ​​use for Bitcoin, one of the most basic currencies in the crypto money market, continues to expand.

Finally, a proposal came from the city of Miami in the US to promote cryptocurrencies. Miami Mayor Francis Suárez suggested that all or part of city employee salaries be paid in Bitcoin.

Suarez also suggested that Miami residents be allowed to pay all or part of their property taxes or city fees in cryptocurrency. The commission approved the decision with a vote of 4 to 1 and agreed to examine the applicability of the steps to be taken in this regard.

After having conversations with investors and Silicon Valley tech companies for months, Suárez also said he wanted an analysis on whether some government funds could be invested in Bitcoin in Miami.

Although members of the commission accepted the decision, they stated that the risks involved must be closely examined. Manolo Reyes, one of the commissioners, said that Suarez’s proposal was “advanced,” but that it should not be implemented without analyzing the risks.

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