Chips Crack Sensitive Subtitle Option Bigumigu

More than 1.5 billion people consume video content on YouTube every day. Sometimes he has a snack while watching videos. However, in some cases, these snacks can make it difficult to track content. The most important are the chips, which affect both the viewer and the people around him. While it is tasteless to eat fries that are not crisp, this crunch prevents you from hearing what is going on in the content.

No more dialogue lost to the sound of chips

After one bite of the chip, it’s hard to avoid eating the second one. If you don’t want to miss something in the video you want to watch, you need to pause every bite. Even if you want to eat while there is no conversation on the video, this is not always possible. The crunchy sounds after putting the chip in the mouth completely obscure the conversations in the content. You want to offer a better snacking and viewing experience Frito lay brand Lay’s offers an idea to eliminate this unpleasant crunch-prevented problem with its latest campaign.

Happiness created by Saigon Crisp subtitles Solve this annoying problem with the help of technology. When developing a plugin for Google Chrome, the creative team offers the option to automatically display subtitles on YouTube videos according to the sound of cracks.

The agency, which records 178 hours of voices from eating different chips from around the world, uses these crunch and machine learning algorithms to train artificial intelligence. In Google Chrome Add Users who download it activate the crack-sensitive subtitle system. This way, no speech is lost in the videos.


Client: PepsiCo (Lay)
Agency: Happiness Saigon
Administrative Creative Manager: Alan Cerutti
CCO: Geoffrey Hantson
Executive Creative Director: Gregory Titeca, Marc Richard
Creators: Mathias Lemielle, Thomas Cappelle and Nick Stillittano
Copywriter: Loan Anh Huynh, Nghia Tran & Dee Verwaetermeulen
Design: Dries Lauwers and Aldjia Bessalah
Art Director: Truc Mai Hoang Anh and Thuy Pham Vuong Bao
Production Company: Bliss Innovative Maker Studio
Chief Technology Officer: Thomas Colliers
Digital: Joni Allaert

Visual: YouTube

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