Chinese invasion of domestic mobile phone production

domestic production in Turkey mobile phones the movement continues. Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi opened production facilities. Another group planning production in our country is the Chinese technology giant TCL. TCL in May productionstarting the den. According to Hanif to headline the Milliyet newspaper news, in Turkey, in this year, Huawei learned that it plans to produce mobile phones.

Other Chinese brands Vivo, Tecno Mobile and Honor are also preparing for production. They will open their facilities this quarter. investments in Turkey are at the forefront of Chinese brands. with operations in Turkey and the entry-level model will not have started production of all brands except Apple.


While all its competitors announced their plans on the domestic production movement in the pocket, the other Chinese giant Huawei remained silent for a long time. It was also said that Huawei will not produce. However, according to the company through the information we have learned, Huawei is also making production plans in Turkey. Huawei, one of the oldest and most consolidated Chinese technology companies in Turkey, has been operating in our country since 2002. He opened his first office in Ankara. Later, he established a large center in Istanbul. The brand also has a large R&D center in Turkey. It is said that production can also be done here. Huawei is also planning the production of an entry-level model in Turkey.


TCL Mobile Country Manager for Turkey Serhan Bronze, products in the mobile phone group the month of May in the middle of this quarter said they would start producing in Turkey in Turkey in the field of global manufacturing and pioneering work, said partners and that production would start with them.
Specifying that they plan to produce 500,000 units in the mobile phone category during the first year, Tunca said that they will bring users locally produced phones in a short time.

Tunca, “Turkey in the European portfolio will be located and the production of the device will make its debut.” Our top segment devices are also included in this production plan, ”he said.

The first stage will take place in the production of voices for the domestic market in Bronze. “However, TCL is also very excited globally because of this important step forward in Turkey. Domestic production begins after you and our products meet our users, our first goal in the domestic market, in the ‘Made in Turkey’ by our devices is to broadcast to different countries. “We also continue with our feasibility studies on this issue.”


Serhan Tunca pointed out that, along with domestic production, they will also provide their users with a 30 percent price advantage for TCL-branded devices. Noting that their goal is to achieve a 3 percent market share in the mobile phone category by the end of 2021 with domestic production, Tunca emphasized that they will further increase their goals with the expansion of their product portfolio at the end of the first year. .

Serhan Tunca, also related to the mobile phone market in Turkey, made the following assessment: “the mobile phone market in Turkey continues to grow every year. The interest and knowledge of users for technology increases every year. We expect the total mobile phone market to reach 11 million in 2021. We believe that with the widespread use of domestic production, the market will grow by 10-15 percent next year. This growth will cause new players to enter the market and this will further stimulate the sector. National production is a very important step for our country and at the end of this process, both our country and our users will be the winners ”.


Serhan Tunca, expressed as 5 years have served with TCL products in different categories and operate in Turkey, said:

“Within the TCL family, there are different product groups such as mobile phones, tablets, modems, wearable technology, televisions, and household appliances. TCL is a company that reaches the end user at all points in the technology field and produces them in its own factories. We are also one of the world’s leading panel suppliers. We also produce the screens for our mobile products. In fact, we are one of only two manufacturers in the world that can produce curved AMOLED displays the size of a mobile screen.

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