Çetin Ünsalan wrote: ‘The secret of the white lilies’

One of the best countries in the world; Finland… The country where the happiest people in the world live, according to the World Happiness Report of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

Don’t underestimate happiness. Its criteria are income justice and trust in public institutions… It may not be the richest country in the world or the strongest country militarily. But it has reached a point where it put people on the ground by doing a great transformation in the 19th century and is now envied.

Many of you have read Grigory Petrov’s book in The Land of the White Lilies. I also recommend that those who do not read it read it as soon as possible. A book written 100 years ago is still inspiring today … I am talking about a book that Atatürk ordered to be included in the curriculum of military schools.

There you will find the traces of a transformation, of showing strength of will. Just as there are traces of our village institutes in the Finnish education system, which is very popular today, the success of the early years of the Republic was influenced by inspiration there.

Petrov defines the ideal state in his book with the following phrases: “Raise and educate each human being to be an architect of conscious life… Don’t be naive! Don’t dive into your own personal and trivial activities and problems like worms in the trash! How can you renew and strengthen the foundations of your state? How can we equip our people with a high education in the future? Think of the innovations that can be made. “

Isn’t it amazing? So what is the secret? As the Association of Economic Journalists, there is a study that we are conducting with DEIK. Every Tuesday, this week’s “Trade Diplomacy Journey”, this week’s guest to the DEIK / Turkey thematic sessions – The Chairman of the Finnish Business Council was Matthew Servitude.

We are talking about Finland. In Finland, which he defines as a country that does not renounce servitude, he spoke of the three main areas of the system to which everyone aspires. See what they are: The country where the laws work, high trust in public institutions and social mobility dependent on education.

Turkey – Chairman of the Finnish Business Council, but it is important to remember that enough targets would come and said: “Your direction to your destination is important.” So if you are in the wrong direction, your goals don’t matter much.

At the heart of Finland there is a system that ensures that each individual is educated, prepared for competition on a level playing field, and that this is based on ethics. I think these words in an anecdote quoted by Kulluk about a Finnish businessman sums it up:

“We entrust our 6-year-old children to the educational system. By the end of high school, they absorb ethical values ​​and education. We do not reward our children for their ethical performance. Everyone has to be ethical. “

By the way, make no mistake with the word ethics. They are talking about the concept of ethics, which is the common value of humanity. Therefore, there is no such thing as “ethical for me”. Because this is our main problem. That is why I wanted to underline it.

There is an opportunity for both countries. Turkey – the chairman of the Finnish Business Council, I emphasize the following analysis. “It is the technological mindset that will build the bridge between the two countries. When we look at the virtual north-south line, we see that the northern regions are creative and the southern regions are entrepreneurial. We can establish this coordination between the two countries. “

Perfect focus. But I think this goal is collapsing in ethical understanding. Because Turkey has serious problems in this area. The two countries, inspired by each other in their history, have serious problems speaking the same language today.

Still, the Business Council does not turn around. In May, they are preparing for an organization that will unite startups from the two countries. I hope we care about this opportunity. After our conversation today, I can say that I have no reservations about Halil Kulluk.

For example, even the saying “added value is not just economies of scale, but differentiation” is like the reflection of a vision. How do we achieve transformation? Look, it gives the formula citing the Finnish approach.

“Smart planning, technology, education, government-private sector cooperation”. What do we understand from this? Here I doubt it. Because there is a big difference between a political approach that thinks that the world revolves around itself and the understanding of the state that thinks that each individual is valuable. I hope some day…

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Note: Our writer Çetin Ünsalan will be taking a break from his articles due to a summit he will attend out of town. Thanks for your understanding; See you for a new article on Monday, March 29 …

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