Çetin Ünsalan wrote: ‘The cold and dark truth’

More than a year has passed since the start of the pandemic. Maybe we are a little more used today. I’m not just talking about the methods, the use of technology or the use of a mask.

We are so used to it that while extremely correct applications are being carried out on the one hand, crowded hallways on the other make people angrier. The number of cases is increasing, but the relaxation parallel to the frustration in people is also being felt.

Although a concept called controlled normalization has been introduced, it is a fact that things have gone back in time; nor is there a decrease in unemployment as stated by TURKSTAT. We know that people, merchants and even companies are in a difficult situation.

Large and small consecutive configurations, unpaid amounts are the clearest proof of this. There is even this fact when requiring the continuation of the short work allowance. However, as was thought last year, it was not so easy.

Especially on behalf of those who earn and earn a living that month, day laborers, merchants and small businesses… I don’t even count those who are unemployed or those who are on leave without pay. Because the situation is more troublesome than expected.

In this process, the authorities faced the screens at every opportunity and repeated the same thing: “We do not leave our citizens alone in this process.” It is sad that everyone knows that this is not true and that only loans are offered.

This known fact is reflected in power as attrition. The constantly changing agendas and the false and controversial created agendas are the most important reasons for this.

But the bread that does not go home at the end of the day, the unattainable cost of living, the purchasing power that melts, the minimum wage that has reached the limit of hunger runs like a cylinder through all the false agendas and brings up the subject back to the same place.

Our people are happy. So he knows how to handle himself. However, the issue has strayed so far from the point of administration that it can’t even pull it off. Those who lost their income or decreased their income during the pandemic process, even those who lost their jobs, occurred despite all the bans.

Therefore, a promise was made, especially since it was winter season. What was said? No deduction will be made for anyone’s electricity, natural gas or internet debt. We will go through this process in unity and solidarity.

The speech is good, but it turned out that the action was not like that, with a response from the Ministry of Energy to a parliamentary question. CHP Niğde MP Ömer Fethi Gürer asked the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources a question and Minister Fatih Dönmez’s answer brought us the cold and dark truth. According to the answer:

“In the nine months of 2020, it was not possible to pay 100 million 600 thousand TL of electricity and 399 million TL in the natural gas bill.” So far there is no abnormal situation. Because it was very clear that you couldn’t pay.

But the problem starts from here. Again, according to the answer: “120 thousand electricity subscribers and 57 thousand natural gas users were stopped.” In other words, their electricity and natural gas were cut off.

Stop the service to those who cannot pay their bills despite the announcement that they will make an increase on one side and will not be cut on the other, and not be able to impose sanctions on those who do not comply with this decision, despite the decision. taken, it is a sadder photo than dark and cold.

Regardless, there would be no such thing as ‘don’t get paid’. As in developed countries, these expenses were covered by the public on behalf of the people who want to stay home. Now, at the point reached, organizations and citizens confront each other. It is not known how to get out of the business that becomes an unsolvable node.

Is there a search for a solution for this? Of course not. Where do we get it from? The public does not even show an approach regarding its own accounts receivable. Another ministry recalls that the deadline for the configuration of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services is March 31.

When it comes to Lafa, don’t claim it, when it comes to action, don’t look for collections from people or companies who can’t win. On the other hand, I don’t even feel the need to explain the situation as I explain that services that are said to “not be interrupted” are also interrupted.

That is the reality of Turkey. Let’s go back to the macro and read the words of the new head of the Central Bank in reverse when this is the case. Expecting people to believe what is said is naive or ridiculing reason. The government needs a moment before getting to the seriousness of Turkey that seems clear.

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