Çetin Ünsalan wrote: ‘Should normalization start today …’

With the beginning of March, the discourse of normalization entered our lives again. We are talking about a limited normalization process divided into regions with obvious explanations. So there is still no normal situation.

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However, I would like to say that I enjoy seeing the perception of this action plan, which is divided into regions, on social media. I mean Nasreddin Hodja’s grandsons, who managed to turn the subject into humor, not malicious approaches. It sounds like ‘I’m glad I’m a person from this country.’

Let’s go to the main topic after granting the right to this side of the job. First of all, I would like to point out that normalization only exists in your name. So this is a process, a structure that needs to be managed carefully, and again it was clearly stated that the measures could be toughened.

But after the approach called ‘we have normalized’ comes the phrase ‘let’s see’ and if all the deferred obligations are to be met, then the real problem will explode. I mean everything from deferred taxes and premiums to all public accounts receivable.

I cannot say if the incentives are cut because I emphasize once again that no sacrifice is made either to the citizen or to the real sector. Loans were offered to everyone, and those who were able to get them faced nothing more than trying to circumvent this process by growing the sludge of existing debt.

The only issue seems to be the short-time allowance, which is already covered by the Unemployment Fund, which consists of the savings that people obtain while they work. In other words, the only thing the public administration did was postpone accounts receivable.

Now, under the name of normalization, if these are requested, and the installment payments of the configuration have arrived, then the work will be inextricable. If everything improves and we get rid of the conditions of the pandemic, it will take at least a year to breathe in the damage of last year.

Actually more or whatever. Because inflation in upward trend does not give pleasant signs, although it decreases numerically, increase in unemployment, ambushed exchange rate, geopolitical risks that arrive like a tsunami, accumulated accounts receivable and impoverishment reflected in the reports.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to apply a recovery period, postpone obligations and debts for at least one more year, eliminate the decline in people’s purchasing power in this process, and talk about a subsequent normalization.

But I am afraid that we look at the time in the reflected time, people have not had traditional practices and assistance in Turkey to the patient resulting from severe surgery, the next day, the artificial turf who will catch up on top will want to play indifferently treated psychologically tired It seems clear that people who use false agendas are dragged into a more stressful environment.

However, Turkey must calm down, talk about its problems, it needs solutions. So the standardization that is needed is not about the pandemic; it’s about the country climate. Oh, if only they understood this …

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