Çetin Ünsalan Written: ‘Economic Package Week’

According to rumors, work on the economic package that was expressed after November 2020 has been completed. President Erdogan is expected to announce the details of the package this week.

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Everyone is curious about the details of the package, which highlights that it will consist of short, medium and long-term titles. Because we are in a critical process that the verbal crowd does not allow. Many titles are needed, not only from pandemic conditions, but also from the transformation of the world economy to the urgent situation of companies, from the alarm of citizens who lost their purchasing power to preferences in the use of finance.

On the one hand, the reality of the consumer who is oppressed by inflation, fighting against unemployment but not considered unemployed, on the other hand, the dilemmas of the real sector that will present us with the lifting of restrictions, high indebtedness, exchange rate and spiral of interest and all the details that will follow it should be clear.

We will see what kind of package will come; It scares me that there are not big changes in the approaches to mini bags in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. We are preparing to sign regulations that will bear the financing costs of a limited number of contractors, let alone the basic and common necessities in the bag.

Turkey’s economic package must speak X-ray first. The concept is described as a SWOT analysis of the company, my husband, but a headline that draws attention to the economy of Turkey.

The roadmap, which is not based on any scientific data, does not give different results than a sea voyage without a route. Getting to the planned ports is just a matter of luck. In a stormy sea where geopolitical risks are so high and many of them concern us, sailing so haphazardly will bring unpleasant consequences.

Turkey needs to shut down for a moment before a structure based on efficiency. You must remember to budget again. You will say that there is already a budget. I am not referring to a budget in the sense of prohibition.

At each stage, from the individual to the public, realistic and decent budgets, productivity, digitization should be discussed, the benefit that can be obtained from this must be based on the sine qua non of sustainability principles such as transparency and accountability. accounts.

There is an urgent action plan that will prevent the bankruptcy of thousands of companies and trigger unemployment in the short term. Because no matter what goals you set, you can’t explain anything to a hungry person.

In the medium term, we need to create a reconstructed production structure, especially the location in parallel with the analysis and roadmap, and we must leave, without opposing imports, but refusing to train producers with imports.

After all, no one has a chance of winning if this economic package is nothing more than applying a trick that will flatter the heart of the financial industry and protect its interests.

Therefore, it is necessary to determine a model that is really based on production, that creates employment, that creates food, that not only says what they produce, but is aware of what they produce, is supported by education, and takes care of itself. internal financing and calls for external financing for a project instead of gambling.

The roadmap for all of this should be adorned with qualified planning, as well as healthy inventories and emergency action plans. Otherwise, it would be a shame if we only listened to the tales in an unrealistic way.

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