ÇAYKUR has started buying fresh tea again

ÇAYKUR ‘In a written statement of tea shoppingThe festival was said to have been interrupted on the eve of Eid al-Adha and on the first day, and that it started again from today.

In the statement, it was stated that the Büyükköy and Ambarlık tea factories were affected by floods and landslides in the city and that these factories were reactivated as a result of the studies, and it was emphasized that the General Manager of ÇAYKUR, Yusuf Ziya Alim and his team Please continue to inspect the factory and places of purchase.

It was noted that Alim conducted inspections at Trabzon and Artvin, as well as Rize, and congratulated producers, employees and industrialists on the holidays.

In the statement, it was indicated that ÇAYKUR’s efforts continue to enter the Pakistani market, which imports about 200 thousand tons of tea per year, and it is stated that ÇAYKUR, continuing its official contacts at the embassy and consulate level, held talks. with Bilal Khan Pasha, Pakistani Consul General in Istanbul.

General Manager Alim, whose assessments were included in the statement, noted that there is a deep-rooted history between Pakistan and Turkey, saying:

“Our negotiations with Pakistan on the sale of tea continue. In our investigation on Pakistan, they import 200 thousand tons of tea. In correspondence, we draw attention to the healthy nature of Turkish tea and the relations between the two countries. I hope we look forward to a positive response from Pakistan. Our Consul General’s visit is important in this regard. He is doing it. ”

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