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ŠkodaLast year it celebrated its 125th anniversary and announced that it will be more dynamic than ever in meeting the needs of its customers. In this innovative position, there are also the first 100% electric SUVs that show that the brand wants to have a voice in the electric car market, and also small solutions that make life easier. With the aim of making driving and driving more enjoyable, Škoda chooses an entertaining way to show its practical solution, which is a very small but also important detail.

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Driving can be quite dangerous. Many factors, such as weather conditions, excessive speed, human factors, and tire selection, can lead to accidents. Automakers are also working to design robust and reliable vehicles with these situations in mind. Make improvements both inside and outside the vehicle, such as automatic braking, lane-follow warning system, safety systems and airbags. So what will be the danger of the vehicle door colliding with the next vehicle, which is a small but annoying situation?


Did you hit it or draw it?

After parking the vehicle in a narrow spot, the situation of carelessly opening the door and hitting the adjacent vehicle or curb guard pontoons has definitely happened to everyone once. Škoda, Rosapark created by Epic option Show that you have a solution to this situation regarding the car door with the titled movie.

The couple, who leave their cars next to the car of mysterious mobster men in a nearly empty area, give them tense seconds. Richard Wagner’s tense facial expressions and slow motion scenes Ride of the Valkyries When combined with its composition, an epic movie scene emerges. Fortunately, the car door crash protector, which is located inside the door and automatically comes out when the door is opened, softens the impact and there is no discomfort.

Brand: Škoda
Marketing Director: Paul Barrocas
Agency: Rosapark
ECD: Gilles Fichteberg, Jean-François Sacco
Creators: William Verdel and Sebastien Mertens
Editorial Assistant: Chloé Estival
Art Direction Assistant: Laura Foissier
Production Company: Teddy
Director: Ludovic and Zoran Boukherma
Producer: Marine Garnier
PDO: Augustin Barbaroux
Postproduction: FIRM
Edition: Leo Gatelier
Sound: Schmooze

Visual: YouTube

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