Called Erdogan a “terrorist”, an investigation was launched

The Ankara Attorney General’s Office launched an investigation against Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders for sharing President Erdogan, describing him as a “terrorist” by associating him with ISIS.

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Ankara’s Chief Prosecutor’s Office, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey due to the involvement of the member of the Netherlands House of Representatives and chairman of the far-right Freedom Party of Geert Wilders, has launched an investigation.

In the statement made by the Attorney General’s Office, it was reported that an investigation was launched on February 15 due to Wilders’ Twitter posts containing photos and written insults against President Erdogan.

In the post from the far right Wilders, the right side of Erdogan’s face is seen with the background of the Turkish flag on the back, while the darker left side, turban and bearded is next to the ISIS flag. . Wilders shared the image under the phrase “terrorist.”

The President of the Presidency of Communications, Fahrettin Altun, reacted to Wilders’ post on Twitter, saying that “not a single word from Wilders and the neo-Nazi crowd around him makes sense” and that “the main danger is the impression that governments and political leaders in Europe who seem moderate and responsible have supported it. ”He said.

Turkey and Turkish communities in Europe always saw a bastion for terrorism and, claiming that Altun works against extremism, asserts that factors noted otherwise would serve racism and Islamophobia.

Presidential spokesman İbrahim Kalın also shared a photo of Wilders with the phrase “Embesil” last night.

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Wilders also in October last year Erdogan looks like a bomb with AKP written on it He published a post depicting him wearing a hat and again used the phrase “terrorist.” Erdogan called Wilders a “fascist” and filed a criminal complaint through his lawyer. The Dutch government in the country freedom of expression claiming that he had criticized Erdogan’s initiative.

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