Call from Former Central Bank Governor Yılmaz and Former Vice President Turhan: $ 128 Billion Investigation

Former Central Bank Governor Durmuş Yılmaz and former Deputy Governor İbrahim Turhan asked to investigate to whom, at what exchange rate, and for what purpose the $ 128 billion foreign exchange reserve was sold.

According to Erdoğan Süzer’s report from the Sözcü newspaper, former MB Durmuş Yılmaz president and former vice president İbrahim Turhan said that the $ 128 billion of the reserve, which was sold secretly rather than openly, to whom, in what currency and for what reason it should be revealed through investigation and investigation.

Yılmaz said: “Which companies in the real sector were given these coins? Zombie companies left, shipwrecks avoided, at what rate? Who and how established this mechanism and whose signature is under it? “You need to find the answers to all these questions,” he said. Yilmaz, “The money has not disappeared, it has changed hands”, comments to those who say: “The thief also changes hands when it is stolen.” Here, how and to whom the transfer was made, the important thing is to reveal it ”.

İbrahim Turhan also stressed that it is necessary to disclose the methods in which $ 128 billion of foreign currency reserves are sold, who bought at what exchange rate and, more importantly, the reason for the sale. Turhan said: “For 128 billion dollars, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey can first form a commission of inquiry. If deemed necessary, it becomes an investigation and real information is given to the public. “He explained.

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