Buse Berber Örçen, co-founder of Nanomik: “Entrepreneurship is a way of life for me …”

Having completed his undergraduate and graduate education at the University of Marmara, Department of Biology Nanomic Founding Partner Berber bus Örçen, In the third year of his college education, he founded Nanoya Akşam, who was working in food microbiology. Explaining that she studied teaching under pressure from her parents, Örçen explains that period as follows: “My parents are immigrants and teaching is a sacred profession for women. They thought that this profession was suitable for me to feel comfortable in. my work and in my social life. ” life, especially after school. On the one hand, when I entered the university, the base scores of the schools of education were too high to give priority to those that come from the schools of teachers. schools, these departments could not be easily entered. But since my childhood, my dream was to become an agricultural engineer. My grandfather was a farmer. I used to spend a lot of time with him when he was a kid. Despite this, both my family and my teachers in the classroom opposed my studying in this department. ”

Founded while reading his first try

On the one hand, Örçen claimed that being a biology professor was actually an unfavorable department and said: “At that time, many people could not be appointed professors due to a number of structural reasons. Therefore, none of our professors exerted pressure about us to be an educator. So, I started spending the rest of the lessons in the microbiology lab. He explains how he transformed his career by saying that I decided I wouldn’t be a second grade teacher (which I didn’t ‘don’t want to in any case).

Buse Berber Örçe explained that he started taking classes in two separate labs when he was in the second year and worked voluntarily in the remaining time. Because his intention was to gain experience in many subjects. She did her first entrepreneurial experiment in her junior year of college on developing functional foods. Örçen said, “I didn’t tell my family about this when I founded the company. They didn’t have much knowledge on this issue as they didn’t have anyone to run the company before,” and explains how he handled the process. .

“Stop playing now!”

The entrepreneur produces natural preservatives that extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables with the “Support for the TUBITAK Technology Initiative” in April 2014. Thanks to the product he developed, he received a grant of 430 thousand lira from the “Big Bang Startup Challenge” competition. organized within the ITU Technopark in December 2017. In addition, it received an investment of 450 thousand lira from ITU Arı and TR Angels. On the investment tour he undertook last year, he made a follow-up investment of 1.8 million lira in total. Talk about this as follows:

Until I hit the Big Bang stage, my family thought that entrepreneurship was a fad for me. When he was 24 he was earning 880 thousand lire. But despite this, my mother said ‘okay, stop playing now, get a job with insurance. They got used to it now. This is a lifestyle for me now. Over time, they began to behave in a more restrained manner.

The company, which has grown with the investments it has made, started its sales since February 2017. Buse Berber Örçen, who says that it is not easy to do business in the agricultural sector, explains it with an interesting example: “My childhood was spent in Bağcılar, Istanbul. Therefore, I did not have many girlfriends. Therefore, I had no difficulty working in the fields. While other partners made presentations abroad. I used to sit in their cafeteria and talk business with farmers. Yes you are engaged in agriculture, the village cafe is the meeting room for you. Because it is the easiest place to reach the farmers. For me, sitting there is very normal. There is no problem with being there as a woman. But if you have a man you can talk to, as much as possible, they want to communicate with him. I don’t think there is bad faith here. “

“We both have experience in entrepreneurship”

After becoming Nanomik AŞ, his wife Arda Örçen joined the team as a second partner and continues like this: “After receiving the first investment, Arda (Örçen) entered as a shareholder. He is also an entrepreneur. Therefore, he is a well-known name in the sector. The fact that we do business together did not put us at a disadvantage. We have characteristics that complement each other. As we both have experience, investors evaluated us by looking at us from this side. “

Orçen thinks that doing the same job with his wife is an advantage and explains it like this: “Because inevitably, after a while, you have 24 hours of work. Usually, in domestic couples, one of the parties chooses to earn money guaranteed, while the other side is put at risk. We don’t have such a situation. We both push our academic life with the back of our hand. We put all our energy into this work. We hugged, we didn’t fall. He worked hard to create this. ” .

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