Buldan: They attributed their assets to the absence of the HDP

Pervin Buldan, Co-Chair of the Peoples’ Democracy Party, told the Assembly Group meeting: “They sacrificed 13 people for their political goals. They have attributed its existence to the absence of the HDP. They believe they maintain a presence in hdp’siz Turkey. This is an eclipse. “Said.

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu stated at the Assembly briefing on Operation Gara that a deputy went to Gara. Soylu, who did not give a name, later stated on a television channel that this MP was Dirayet Dilan Taşdemir from HDP.

In response to Soylu, Buldan said: “They have a minister taking photos on the channel they visit. I would like to tell you that you are in a hurry to create insight through the photos of dozens of visits we made to the candle during the solution process. This is not enough, they do not hesitate to defame one of our deputy friends. A female MP was allegedly instructed to go there and return to Turkey. Really give up. Honestly, this is a lie with a huge tail. Our assistant didn’t go to Gare, he wasn’t there. It is clear where he was on that date. Do not those who take refuge behind this black propaganda think how they will fall tomorrow? Don’t you know what a great sin this is? What is our agent doing at Gare? There is only one place where our deputies will be there, and that is to meet with Barzani or other political parties. They are in decline every day with lies and slander. ”He reacted strongly to Soylu with his words.

In addition, Buldan made the following assessment about the photo he showed:

“This is the image of the Dolmabahçe agreement. It is Erdogan who determines who will sit and where! That process is a process we carry out with devotion to the future of our people. Even today, we make the same sacrifice without hesitation. As long as a single person does not have a nosebleed. “

HDP’s Pervin Buldan: Süleyman Soylu coveted Erdoğan’s seat

Stating that Interior Minister Soylu was putting his eyes in the place of President Erdogan, Buldan continued his speech as follows:

“They have a photographer minister; in a rush to create insight through our photos in the solution process This minister is clearly looking at Erdogan’s chair. Make the seat open inside you! Don’t wage war through HDP. HDP will not allow this. Noble teacher, look and listen carefully! Let me also tell you the story of the photo that was shown to you on television. Kandil’s photos are from the visits we received, letters from the PKK saying they would lay down their weapons. Their leader, Erdogan, was also eagerly awaiting this letter. Kandil’s photograph, the photographs shown two days ago, are the photographs where Öcalan’s call will be made to free the gunmen and where we take those letters. “

“The funerals did not reach the country during the settlement process”

In his speech in Parliament, “Those who want to impose power over death were one by one, and you will leave. There is no victory, no power will emerge from the stagnation of the Kurdish problem. The day you realize it will be the day you leave power. “Using his remarks, Buldan said:” Fortunately, we did not come to this country during the settlement process. Fortunately for us, we had an honorable position for 3 years and we stand behind it. If we do not explain what was promised to us in the solution process when the time and place came, we are appointed. On the day Gare took place, 3 more pro-energy companies were established with the president’s decision. They opened another rental door for them. If the foxes start preaching somewhere, keep an eye on the chickens. Whenever they say homeland, nation, keep an eye on them in your pocket. “

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