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Very impressive projects can be created when simple but striking subjects are determined in photography and, if necessary, when appropriate intervention methods are carried out for this subject. In this sense, Manuel Pita photographed lonely houses. Lonely house hunter project was one of those we remember. Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy, on the other hand, creates a remarkable series by filming mysterious buildings and erasing walls other than their facades. had signed. Another series of architectural photographs reminiscent of these two projects came from Ken Ohyama.

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Taking a closer look at ordinary concrete structures

Ken Ohyama creates a whimsical perception by photographing ordinary buildings in Japanese cities and removing their backgrounds. So much so that the buildings look like realistic miniature models or dollhouses this way. On the other hand, this approach causes architectural details to be noticed that are not noticeable in the urban complex. We look at it and see that each building, which we generally call a “gray concrete pile,” actually has its own color, pattern and shape. Therefore, we remember that all of them have a human effort.

Ken Ohyama is a Japanese photographer and writer interested in the overlooked elements of urban structures, such as roads and apartments. The fact that you erase your background on this project is also linked to this passion. Ohyama focuses on a single building in each photo. He kept power lines, plants, and items like store signs in place to mark the urban context.

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