BREAKING NEWS: Hidden Increase in EPDK Fuel Oil “Price Ceiling” Brake

In recent days, who said “enough” with the unfair increase in profits in fuel prices and made a secret hike fuel distribution companies The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), which initiated an investigation, made its decision.

The Council met extraordinarily today; In order to protect consumers, maintain the sustainable and competitive structure of the sector, avoid the repetition of the profit games that arise. Application of the “maximum price” made the decision. This decision on the maximum price to be applied in all provinces of Turkey will be determined by EMRA.

The maximum prices for three provinces are as follows;

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Companies will never be able to sell at amounts higher than these prices. If found to have done so, the EMRA will initiate an investigation and the necessary administrative penalties will be applied.

In assessing the problem, EMRA President Mustafa Yılmaz stated that some industry players did not take the necessary action despite the warnings they made earlier, saying: “Our state has done its part with the mobile system, but unfortunately some companies have abused this practice for profit. games. As a result of our research, we made the right decision for our consumer and our industry. “

EMRA President Yılmaz said:

“Today, our Board met extraordinarily and decided to apply price caps to protect both our consumers and the sustainable and competitive fabric of our industry.

After our decision, we expect fuel sales to be below the maximum price and more price competition. There will be discounts of 17 to 20 cents in prices. But no one will be able to sell an expensive penny at the maximum price.

Recalling once again that they attach great importance to freedom in the energy markets, they will not allow consumers to be victimized and the sector to be poisoned;

“We do not allow wholesales and automation discounts to be charged as an increase to station customers who do not have bargaining power.

We can never be indifferent to cross-subsidies and manipulations that would alter the structure of the free market among consumer groups. We always said; For the proper functioning of our markets, we have not hesitated and we do not hesitate to use our legal powers. I hope that our decision is well understood by all the players in the industry, the necessary message is received and the necessary sensitivity is shown in terms of prices. “

Within the scope of the application of the maximum price that will take effect as of tonight, the prices by province; It will be posted on the official EMRA website.

The application of the maximum price will be valid for 2 months. EPDK; It had previously applied maximum prices three times, in 2009, 2014 and 2015.

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