BiP gained 31 million new users in 3 months

WhatsAppconfidentiality agreement marked last January and many users Telegram, Sign and Beep which caused the transition to apps like before we transfer. WhatsApp postponed the obligation to accept the confidentiality agreement until May after the reactions it received.

According to the information we have obtained today from Turkcell, the BiP life and communication platform has seen significant user gains in this process. world 192 in the country BiP actively used, according to the information we have obtained, Of 76 million too low.

BiP, which has 31 million new users since last January, 15.8 million of them abroad Let’s add that there are users involved. Based on the information Turkcell shared with us, it is among the countries where BiP is the most preferred. Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Malaysia occurs. Let’s add 10 million new users from these 5 countries joined BiP. The number of active users per month of BiP 30 million in the past.

BiP, one of the applications that began to gain users quickly with the effect of the WhatsApp confidentiality agreement, 12 first in the list of the country’s app market while installing Among the top 3 in 19 countries managed to take place.

HD quality group video calls for up to 10 people, money sending BiP, which has important features like instant translation in 106 different languages ​​during messaging, end-to-end encryption feature until the end of the year will also have. Based on the information we have obtained, BiP allows you to add your conversations and groups from other messaging platforms to BIP in a short time.Conversation TransportLet’s add that it will make the function available.

Underlining that, unlike competing applications, BiP users can use the application without the obligation to share their personal data with third parties for marketing activities such as advertisements, promotions or campaigns. Ataç Tansuğ, Deputy Managing Director of Turkcell Digital Services and SolutionsHe also shared that they attach great importance to user feedback and continue to develop the app more in line with their demands.

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