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Casey Curran is an artist known for her flower-shaped kinetic sculptures. With its kinetic flowers made of brass wires, made a sound. Artist Parable of gravity He created a fascinating flower garden by bringing the art of paper cutting into his sculptures in his new installation project.

Paper flora

The installation work Parable of Gravity, which runs at MadArt in Seattle through April 17, gives audiences a sense of dystopia. Because under the delicate flower garden, dark-looking cages are also seen. Curran placed the vibrant herb garden in the 20-cage tower. Covered with a thick layer of mud, these lattice structures can reach heights of up to eight feet (2.44 meters) on the outermost wall of the site. One of the striking parts of the installation is a figure that seems to float in the air. This figure has the same texture as the flowers. The body of this figure, like the rest of the installation, is covered with flowers made with laser-cut polyester drawing paper. The system that moves the flowers throughout the facility, including those in the figure, consists of cranks and small motors.

At the other end of the dock, hangs a hollow aluminum asteroid. This asteroid was inspired by 951 Gaspra. The 951 Gaspra was photographed by the Galileo spacecraft in 1991, making it the first rock mass that humanity has ever observed in detail. This large statue, called the Anchor of Janus, refers to both the Roman god Janus and the intricate motifs on Gothic cathedrals.

Parable of gravity

In a statement, Curran had the following to say about the facility:

This mythological, architectural and astronomical convergence not only takes into account the scientific and spiritual aspects of our connection with the natural world. It also examines our cultural heritage and how technological advances in the past have affected our lives and experiences today. Furthermore, referring to Janus, he recognizes the dual nature of human progress, with all the positive and negative consequences that it entails.

Casey curran Instagram and you can follow him on the Vimeo channel.

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