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Combining design and technology Jade Culture Earphone Thurs 20 The named headphones had a stylish design that could be worn both as jewelry and as headphones. Thanks to its ergonomic structure that does not damage the ears, it offers good sound quality for music lovers and becomes an elegant necklace that will complement the style of the person when not in use. Munich-based initiative Producsts NOVA Funded by, Nova H1 combines the concept of earrings and headphones.

Both earrings and headphones

Each of the 7 gram earrings, which will be sold in sets of two, contains pearl beads. Silver body earrings have a technology that directs sound directly into the ear canal. The Nova H1, which can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, transmits sound directly from the earlobe to the ear canal thanks to its patented technology. In this way, headphones that look like a normal earring when viewed from the outside actually transmit sound to the ear at frequencies that only the user can hear. In addition, since it does not completely cover the ear canal, it also allows you to hear the sounds that come from around you.

This technology at SXSW 2019 judgment We can compare it with the smart glasses from Bose Frams, which we had the opportunity. The tiny speakers just above the ear sent out frequencies of sound that the surroundings could not hear but the user could easily hear.

new star

The charging case is as stylish as the headset itself.

Thanks to the microphones on both earrings, users can make phone calls. Calls are accepted by pressing the button on the back of the earrings. This button is also used to stop, play or skip songs. As can be seen in the tests with the Nova H1, the sound is clearly transmitted to the other party in phone calls. Headphones that capture the user’s voice prevent wind noise. In this way, a clear conversation is provided.

The charging box, which is also aesthetically designed, has the ability to charge the earrings 5 ​​times during a single battery life. The charging box can be charged with a USB-C connection, either wired or via a wireless charger. Nova H1, on the other hand, offers up to three hours of use in a single fill.

On Kickstarter founded With 27 days until the end of the support process, the product has already exceeded the target threshold and received more than $ 90,000 of support. The product, whose design work began in 2019, took its final form after months of development and was ready for production. The team announced that after the financing process, developments related to the production process will continue and sales will start from next August.

Picture: Kick starter, YouTube, Instagram

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