Bigumigu garbage landscapes

Projects that incorporate objects into the art of photography as part of the landscape have attracted considerable attention in recent years. Andreas and Felicia Hutabarat’s travel diary with cartoon characters Doodledeux it was one of the cutest examples of this. Paperboyo on the other hand, by combining photography and art on paper, he attracted considerable attention. Now we have Mariah Reading, who created her own unique technique with a similar approach.

Trash as canvas

Mariah Reading, who produces in the field of ecological art; Collect objects thrown in national parks and other natural settings and paint impressionistic landscapes that represent their locations. Thus, he creates a unique series in which he photographs trash compatible with the background scenery.

Mariah Reading was working in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park when Sseri started, and there was a big road on the edge of the park. He planned to walk down the road and pick up the pieces that fell from passing cars. He found half a broken hubcap and took a closer look at it. He noticed that this piece had been broken, similar to the silhouette of the mountain range he was standing in front of. Anyway, his goal was simply to find a suitable object to paint the earth. However, the fact that the finished work is not just an image, but also an object photographed at its location caused Reading to focus more on photographs. Thus the foundations of the series were laid, which he presented today with the hashtag #crazytrashlady.

Mariah Reading’s work Website and Instagram you can follow.

Visual: Instagram

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