Bigumigu embroidered coins

The art of embroidery has been used by contemporary artists on natural materials, photographs, and everyday items. applicable. Stacey Lee Webber, on the other hand, chose to use her skills with money. With this method from 2020 Insurrection bills He began to create the series called.

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Burning structures, an unfinished wall, and masked portraits of Abraham Lincoln Insurrection bills The series makes you smile at first sight. The vibrant color embroidery, which contrasts with the pale tones of the paper banknotes, reinforces both the humor and the aesthetic appearance.

“Insurrection bills” as an expression of rebellion

Stacey Lee Webber points out that with this series she recontextualizes and interrogates the symbols of money. Her embroidery interventions refer to anger, agitation and disappointment in the tense political environment.

Currently working from his home and studio at Globe Dye Works in Philadelphia, Webber is an artist trained in metallurgy. Webber, who studied Fine Arts at the University of Wisconsin, began using money as material during his student years there. Embroidery is good for the artist, allowing him to work in a quieter environment outside of his metal shop. His work in the embroidery and metallurgy workshop; It calms it down by making a kind of ying yang effect, soft and hard, feminine and masculine.

Stacey Lee Webber also uses coins in her work. He made many coin sculptures, including The Craftsmen Series, which questions the value of manual labor in the US.

The artist’s work is in Palm Beach in April this year. TW Fine Artsin Philadelphia in October Bertrand Productionsin New York City in November Art on Paper Fairwill be exhibited in. The new works of the artist Instagram you can follow.

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