Bigumigu collage plant foldout book

Pop-up books, which came into our lives with fairy tale books in our childhood, are among the most widely used forms of expression in the world of design. When it opens pop-up book that turns into a camera, emergent sculptures Y Pop-up book on the life of Leonarda da Vinci So far we have come across such impressive examples. Daniel Gordon Inside plants The flower book called “Flower” will take its place among unforgettable examples.

“Indoor plants” with a combination of digital and analog methods

If you are someone who loves flowers very much but cannot keep them alive, you can satisfy your love for flowers with other solutions. For example a LEGO botanical set you can buy it. Daniel Gordon Inside plants You may also be interested in his book called. Collage flowers sprouting from the pages of the book can create a pleasant sight in your home.


Photographer Daniel Gordon designed the flowers in the book using the collage technique he developed using photographs he found online. The pop-up forms in the book, on the other hand, describe himself as a paper engineer and The wild You can remember of your statue called Simon ArizpeIt bears the signature of. The book, which came out with a mix of digital and analog techniques, includes 6 paper plants in a pot. In addition to flowers, still life elements such as fruits or fish were also added from time to time. Houseplants is a publication of the Aperture bookstore.

Those who want to add sculptural paper plants to their homes. Opening or From the bookstore You can buy indoor plants. Daniel Gordon’s work Website Y Instagram you can follow. Simon Arizpe’s work also Website Y Instagram You can move on.


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