Big Projects for Electric Vehicles from Boston Municipality

The City of Boston announced the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) roadmap for electric (EV) and other zero-emission transportation vehicles.
boston Elektrik ev station rechargeable battery
Electric vehicles are quickly taking their place in the market.

As you know, we see that some brands are planning to produce only electric vehicles in the short term, and Tesla’s unceasing growth signals that electric vehicles will have a solid place in the future. Boston Municipality is among the municipalities that prepared the first plan for electric vehicles. According to the plans, all Boston neighborhoods will have electric vehicle charging stations by 2023. By 2025, the municipality will convert a quarter of its vehicle inventory to electric vehicles, to be decarbonized.

“We know the urgency of climate action in Boston and are determined to lead nationally and internationally,” said Mayor Walsh. “Our new publicly available electric vehicle charging stations are one of the key elements in reducing our emissions while making our city healthier and more accessible today and in the years to come.”

The municipality continues to establish public electric vehicle charging stations for parking lots. The city plans to meet its goals for an electric car-sharing facility or charging station “within 10 minutes’ walk of each household by 2040.

There are currently more than 700 public charging stations throughout the city. It also ranks 10th in electric vehicle sales in the USA.


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