Berne Dude: “The proportion of women in the business ecosystem of 9 percent in Turkey …”

Looking back over the past century, there was a period when women made a number of advances in the field of civil rights around the world, beginning with the right to vote and be elected as a result of their long struggle for equality. It stands out as achievements that can be partially implemented on the basis of these rights and equality, that have been won through tough and serious resistance, and that cannot function with cultural codes in social life. But despite all this, the research, we still have a long way to go in terms of inequalities between men and women.

Expressing that it is obvious that this discrimination was more egregious in the past, the online book sales platform that was established under the roof of KLE and later became a company. Kidega General manager Bern Ahbab“Gender inequality remains both in Turkey and one of the biggest problems in the world. But the policies of equal motivation today by companies, if women’s associations work actively and with the support of leaders Informed publics, the time it takes, I think we will overcome this inequality, “he said.

“Many companies have policies for female employees on the job”

Ahbab, who graduated from the Department of Finance and Banking at the University of Marmara, says that he entered the department that studied at the university voluntarily and beyond the borders of the country where he was born and grew up and adds: “As a young man, he was great courage to change the country, take responsibility for life in another country and then dedicate myself to business life. I am fortunate that I have not been subjected to any gender discrimination in school during this period. “Berna Ahbab, who has worked in various architecture companies, states that she observed and that many companies have policies for female employees in employment .

These are nice developments for our country. I want these policies to be an example for other companies, and I hope they can be members of a society in which gender equality is built for future generations. To empower women socio-economically, guarantee the equality of women and men in social life, guarantee sustainable economic growth and social development, it is necessary to increase the employment of women and create equal pay opportunities. This also allows women to be more participatory and free in their social life. I have worked in companies that place importance on women’s employment, highlight job-related talents and, more importantly, provide opportunities for women in senior management positions.

Kidega has a very important place for me in this regard. There are significant shortcomings both in the world and in our country in terms of supporting women’s businesses, women’s participation in business life, and having the same power as men in business life. We see a similar picture in the field of entrepreneurship. Based on 2020 data, the share of female entrepreneurs in the global startup ecosystem is around 20 percent. This rate is around 9 percent in Turkey. The question of earnings is another important point. gaining less than 20 percent of women than men in Turkey. Being an entrepreneurial woman is difficult in every way. We have cultural codes, duties assigned to women, learned behavior patterns. Whereas, the consciousness of women is higher. Their approach to self-improvement is clearer and, in this sense, they are more courageous. The industry needs to learn this from the right stories. Aware of this, investors have the opportunity to set sail towards an egalitarian and successful process with an awareness of the right steps.

According to him, women have a place in the technology sector, as well as in the technology sector as in any other sector. Ahbab, “The female employment rate in the technology sector is woefully low, gender inequality in this sector is felt more than in other sectors. But as in many sectors, male dominance will break down over time. At least I can say that we pay a lot of attention to this in recruiting like Kidega. ”He ends.

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