Berlin Hard Fork Held, Expected to Reduce Ethereum Transaction Fees

To become one of the most important brands in the world of crypto and blockchain money. Ethereum We have shared company news with you many times. Today, the Berlin update, which is based on a software update for the Ethereum blockchain network (Berlin Hard Fork) occurred.

With the Berlin fork that took place, Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, received a major update when analyzing its market value. With the update that took place, the price of Ethereum increased and For $ 2,450 Let’s add that it has arrived.

4 different within the fork of the Berlin fork “Ethereum improvement proposals“So Ethereum has an improvement proposal. EIP-2565 With the named improvement proposal, it aims to lower Ethereum’s transaction fees. EIP-2718 With your proposal, you will be allowed to combine Ethereum transactions. Let’s add that these two improvement suggestions are made by Ethereum users and developers, according to the information we have obtained.

EIP-2929 and EIP-2930, codenamed improvement proposals, on the other hand Martin Swende Y Ethereum founder Vitalik ButerMade by in. EIP-2929 While your proposal aims to increase the transaction fee to speed up processing times EIP-2930 Your proposal will focus on reducing transaction fees, which will be increased by balancing. Let’s also share that Ethereum will continue to update.

According to our information, the next big Ethereum update will take place next July. The name of the update will be London Hard Fork. Ethereum updates and London hard fork We will continue to broadcast developments about you.

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