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I also evaluated the developments on the side of the AK Party. In everyone’s mind, “What’s going on in the AK Party? Will Berat Albayrak return? I answered your questions. While he was responsible for politics, I analyzed his politics and his politics.

Disregard for epidemic restrictions on party congresses and various funeral ceremonies drew criticism from non-partisan voters.

I have a large family and some support the nation alliance while others support the republican alliance.

Middle-aged seniors, who are the electorate of the republic, say, “If our children have been living at home because the stores are closed for months, this is the case, why don’t they make the rules and open the stores? “.

Those who attend AkParty conferences do not go out for pleasure either.

The delegates, as I have heard, go at the expense of those condemned by illness.

So they don’t go and join the blacklist.

The acquaintances Davutoğlu and Babacan caused a rift in the party, albeit on a small scale.

The members attend despite the epidemic because it is thought that “if I don’t go to the congresses, I slide to that side.”

People could not even bury their relatives who died in many parts of the country from Covid. The municipality buried the workers. In the houses, the dead gathered from behind and read the Koran could not be done. Not being able to do these traditions has caused an upset of conscience in the public, while government officials who attend crowded funerals and post them say at the bottom: “Aren’t their dead ours too?” Cause reproach.

My impression, of course, is that these issues do not elicit party votes, but they certainly breed resentment. However, considering the ongoing cost of living, unemployment, and economic hardship, things get tough for the government.

Let’s go to the BeratAlbayrak section.

I have written many times and I have said it in videos.

When Mr. Albayrak resigned, he did not claim it.

Some have removed posted support tweets.

Whatever this poor man said yesterday is at the same point today:

The negative real interest rate policy was a mistake, the unaccounted for reserves was dangerous.

However, import substitution steps, global interest rates are facing the throes of Turkey’s economic independence.

The day Albayrak’s resignation was accepted;

“Sometimes we criticize Mr. Albayrak because we made the harshest criticisms, sometimes we support his actions. He was the captain of the economy in difficult times. After the 80’s due to the fight against Turkey’s economy the debt collapsed, I congratulate you. “

We tweet it.

We knew that Albayrak’s resignation would be accepted.

Because that night we consulted with businessmen from the white party. While one provided weak support, others did not.

However, the same mass mobilized the party base for support on the night of # Soylu’s resignation. They were called provincial chiefs.

Now it is said that Mr. Albayrak will return to the cabinet.

I personally don’t think so. Since some of the opposition statements reached the president’s family, after a certain point, the systematic rhetoric against Albayrak was blocked.

With a series of statements, the party base was almost as if the perceptions of “rezevleri boyfriend brought perception” were created, and billions of dollars in bank transaction documents were distributed on social media. This is an attack on the Turkish economy. Let me take note of that.

Let’s get to the point, what will Albayrak do?

I quoted above. It would be a surprise if Albayrak, whose positions were changed in the upper bureaucracy, would return to the same position after this hour. Even if Albayrak returns as a consultant, his specific gravity will be felt in the bureaucracy and economic management, so he creates a double heading, and would the Boss want this? We are not sure that it will hobble the leg of the new economic management.

In this case, Albayrak can be expected to descend to the party base after the big party congress in March and prevail over the party. Because everyone knows that it is the party that overthrew Albayrak.

Just as the rank and file of the party did not want Davutoğlu and Pelikan seven Albayraks. Then, Albayrak takes the field with the last support of #Reis and if he explains well to the base of his party what policy of independence he follows in the economy, he will be the winner for the next term.

By the way, the rumors coming from Ankara; that there will be great changes after the great congress. # Erdogan, first of all, can leave the party presidency and then, as a new constitutional carrot, he can resign from the presidency and return to a strengthened parliamentary system.

If you say why? #Cumhur can’t exceed 50 percent for that!

Recep Erçin


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