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Taking part in the winds of logo change in the automotive industry, Peugeot has recently changed its logo, which it updated in 2010, last month, to a more minimal and elegant visual identity. done. With the logo change, the brand’s “Lions of our time” campaign was also launched. Behind this creative communication opener selected for structuring Turkey Solutionsignature of.

The Omnicom Group, which Peugeot opened in 2020 to choose the new term global advertising agency, joined OPEn (Omnicom for Peugeot Engine), which it created for Peugeot, and became the new term global agency for the brand. The work created by Çözüm, which is one of the 4 agencies under OPE that produces work for the presentation of the Peugeot global competition, first reached the final and then won the competition.

Following these developments Solutions and the newly established CEO of MEA and Can AKSÜYEK and Open Turkey and MEA President Guler Balta and the “Lions Of Our Time” campaign of the production process, we have the opportunity to speak. Have a good read!

After a 2-3 stage process, it was decided to continue with the concept presented by Çözüm.

Did you decide to attend the conference as a solution or did you assist with an Omnicom request? Can you explain the process a bit?

Can Aksüyek: Our participation in the competition was decided by Omnicom in early 2020. At the beginning, a separate network was established to work for Peugeot, one of Omnicom’s agencies around the world. We had a process of about 9 months together. Turkey, one of the most important regions in line with the new era of brand strategy because of its strategic location. Both Turkey went through a process that we evaluate both for the global Peugeot.

Were different Omnicom agencies expected to come up with their own strategy and creative idea solutions during the competition process? Or was there a distribution of tasks?

Can Aksüyek: The entire conference was chaired by the Paris headquarters. Once selected, these agencies from around the world have established themselves in four hub countries: France, Turkey, Argentina and the Netherlands. In fact, these 4 countries worked together throughout the competition process. In these countries, we were selected and brought together under a single management agency that had no other automotive brand in its portfolio.

Before the creative process, strategists from these 4 countries met and prepared a new time strategy and briefs for Peugeot. In line with this common strategy, each country has produced creative works with its own means, that is, a competition within ourselves. The Paris headquarters presented these studies to the management of Peugeot France. It was a 2-3 stage process. The first presentation in France Peugeot management has decided to go ahead with us as we present the Turkey concept. Other countries worked on our campaign and in total 3 countries made their own presentations to the Board of Directors. The last meeting was the beginning for the realization of our jobs as Turkey.

“We are proud to sign a global image campaign.”

Where was the creative idea implemented, was Çözüm included in the design and production processes?

Güler Balta: The entire competition process was carried out through online communication platforms. Under the direction of our center in France, we had a very intense work period that lasted for months. The proudest thing for us was that the idea that made it stand out was ours. Thus, we had the opportunity to capture the brand identity and the image of Peugeot, which was renewed after many years.

From here the script and all the designs for the “Lions Of Our Time” campaign have been released. Our campaign was launched in France and around the world earlier this month. The filming took place in Lisbon and the photoshoot in France. We weren’t able to attend the shootings due to the pandemic, but we got involved online. We are proud to sign a global image campaign that covers many mediums, from the slogan to the creation of lion filters on social media.

Will you be responsible for much of the communication being outside the Peugeot Turkey after this shell?

Güler Balta: Following this development, the creative phase of all global communication work for the brand we selected as one of Peugeot’s global agencies in Turkey is being opened from now on. The daily workflow model, we have established a strong team of experienced and skilled in the automotive sector, we serve as the responsible agency for MEA and Turkey brand.

Apart from the “Lions of our time” campaign, another idea of ​​ours has been accepted and we have already started production. Other than that, from abroad regularly panties It is coming and we are already in a busy work process.

Will Omnicom have similar international competition initiatives? As a solution, do you hope that finding the winning idea for such a large brand will open new doors for you within the network?

Can Aksüyek: I think there will be more initiatives of this type from now on. Despite the pandemic and all the difficulties, this process has shown us all the great successes that people from different parts of the world can unite to achieve.

We, as a solution, have run many regional campaigns in the past, but this is the first job of this size. At the moment, a similar competition is on our agenda. We also managed quite a bit to have brought audio and networking fronts waving like Turkey. Our work last year in the presentation that announced that it selected the CEO of Peugeot, Jean-Philippe Imparato: “The new era of Peugeot will tell the brand image from which it comes, especially Turkey, this approach has made us very happy”, words we will never forget.


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