Behind its healthy isolation is İzocam Rockwool

İzocam CEO Murat Savcı said they are proud to be the power behind their contribution to the insulation industry for 56 years: “The biggest teaching of 2020 for us; Health is a value to which attention must be paid in all circumstances. A healthy life is the fundamental right of every living being. To obtain the right to a healthy life, it is necessary to use insulating products that take care of human health. At this point, although the laws of our country do not stipulate it, we take care to produce products that contain recycled materials and that have been proven not to harm human health. We have the privilege of leading the sector in this regard, with the continuous investments we have made for the EUCEB certification in Izocam Rockwool products for 13 years ”.

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Stating that EUCEB certified products are continuously tested and fibers are guaranteed harmless during certification, İzocam CEO Murat Savcı said: “We believe that the use of insulating products for the protection of human health is a fundamental right. For this reason, we have focused on the production of products based on health and human safety for many years, and we would like to draw attention to the fact that the EUCEB logo on the packaging of manufacturers that comply with the EUCEB requirements have a deeper meaning than a sign, in the recent period where health is especially important. “Our living spaces are our most valuable asset, we believe that everyone has a right to know what insulation products are used behind this asset.”

With the TSE and CE certificates along with the EUCEB certificate, İzocam Stone Wool increases the fire safety of buildings with its A1 class fire retardant characteristic, as well as the thermal and acoustic insulation it offers with high standards. Thanks to the recycled materials used in its production, İzocam Stone Wool allows the buildings used to obtain green building certificates such as LEED – BREAM.


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