Be a loner like a satellite

Loneliness and social isolation are not things that really come into our lives with the pandemic. Intensive working conditions, long shifts away from the closest people had already brought communication to the digital world to a great extent. Posted the day before on Vimeo The lonely orbit it also deals with this screen-dependent loneliness and sociality.

The Lonely Orbit reflects the impact of digital communication on our behavior

With the effect of this epidemic of animation shorts of 2019, which lasted around 9 and a half minutes, it attracted great attention this year and stood out when choosing Staff Pick on Vimeo. The creators and directors of the film are Frederic Siegel and Benjamin Morard. The idea is based on the experience of Frederic Siegel a few years after graduating from the Lucerne School of Art and Design. At that moment, the director realized how difficult it was to keep friendships alive at a distance, to get away from his friends, and he realized that all his communications had moved to the digital world. This made him feel like a satellite. Despite being in virtually constant connection, he faced an enormous distance that separates him from his loved ones. He felt like he was flying in orbit around his friends, who were holding him close with gravity. The aim of the film is to reflect how people use modern communication technology and its effects on their behavior.

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Our protagonist, who is a satellite technician in the movie, is feeling very lonely and is constantly texting his old friends to get out of this ruckus. When the situation reaches the point of neglecting its tasks, a satellite leaves its orbit, causing the collapse of the entire communication network of the world. There is also an epic similarity between the solitude of the satellite and the scene of the fall and the state of the protagonist.

Zurich-based Team Tumult brought the film to life. The creative team used hand-drawn animation and digital editing techniques on graphics tablets.

The Lonely Orbit screened at over 70 film festivals and attracted great attention. It won the award for Best Animated Short Film at the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival. So he was one of the winners of this year’s Academy Awards.

You can see the film’s production process in the video below.

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