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With restaurants, cafes and bars closing due to the pandemic, we bring every experience home. However, it can be difficult to avoid the desire to be outdoors. Given the conditions, it looks like we will continue to create our own home experience for a while. I miss my The project called Bar offers the opportunity to live the experience that we have been away from.

The sound of the street, the human noise in the place and the bartender’s preparations

I Miss My Bar was created by Mexico-based design agency Tandem Monterrey and technology studio Lagom. Initially Dissident There is an illustration of this bar on the site, which was developed for the promotion of a local bar called. By Damián Treviño illustration It is located at the entrance of the site. There is nothing visually more than this illustration. The sounds are used to recreate the atmosphere of the bar.

There are 7 different sounds in total, from the bartender working behind the bar to ambient sounds, from the sound of rain hitting glass to the sounds of the street. Glasses are touched, the waiter works behind the bar to prepare the drinks. There are voices from the street. Weekly updated music from the Spotify list on the website can also be added to these sounds. List shared by Maverick employees from here I can reach.

Ambient sounds can be adjusted as desired

The environment of the environment can be changed as desired. If you want a crowded bar atmosphere, you can create an experience as if you are on a street in front of the venue. The volume of each sound can be changed as desired. In this way, it is possible to feel like you are sipping your drink by the window in rainy weather, and sitting in front of the bartender and watching his preparations. All you have to do is adjust the volume and feel the flow of the environment.

I miss my bar

René Cárdenas, founder of Tandem, says that people from different parts of the world live this project and that the reason for this is, naturally, the desire of people to share. Although there are different restrictions in each country, it is an experience that everyone longs to meet in a common place, chat with friends, have a drink, feel the voice of that crowd. is sharing. In our country, you can only log into the site using an IP address outside of Turkey.

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