Bankruptcy storm in restaurants and cafes!

The number of restaurants and cafes found in Turkey with around 120 thousand employees is one of the sectors most affected by the epidemic of almost 2 million employees. Stating that 20 percent of businesses have been operating since the beginning of the pandemic period, the president of the Association of Gastronomic Companies and Tourist Restaurant Investors (TURYID), Kaya Demirer, noted that the partial closures that began last year continue this year and said this will increase business and closures in the sector.

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Demirer, who predicts that the closing of the Ramadan period and during the holidays will exceed the 25 percent band, reaching 20 percent of bankruptcies and closures, and said that the cancellation of the Short Work Allowance (KÇÖ) and the compulsory license Unpaid employees are among the major problems.

“Qualified employees are leaving the sector”

Explaining that the 1,500 TL support in recent weeks will cause a big problem for qualified staff, Demirer said: “These friends cannot look forward optimistically and leave the sector due to insufficient support of 50 TL per day for the media. of life. Especially those who fill the number of 3,600 days break their relationships with their workplaces. This situation places companies, which currently suffer from a significant cash shortage, in a very difficult situation ”.

So what are the demands of the sector at the moment and how can these problems be prevented? Kaya Demirer said it is important for employees to continue with the CSO, which ended in late March. Demirer listed his other expectations as follows: “Considering the depleted share capital, the opportunity to postpone installments to companies that are undergoing restructuring and cannot pay their installments, KGF long-term loan in the form of low-interest working capital, SSI in the amount of business volume losses in 2020 on the condition of protecting employment after opening. We expect the VAT reduction with the support of the premium to continue until the end of the year. “

“The heaviest bill was for the merchants”

The president of the Confederation of Traders and Craftsmen of Turkey (TESK), Palandöken Bendevi, said that the pandemic process of trade exits with a considerable bill, said that the economic power of the trades was maintained. Explaining that the takeout decision announced the day before is not suitable for most restaurants in the industry, Palandöken said: “Iftar starts with soup everywhere. Sulu food is not very suitable for take out service. For this reason, many restaurants will be closed during the month of Ramadan. This decision is for no one but fast food players. Yes, we were waiting for closings, but we were saying there would be additional support. What will be the merchants tax, store rent, electricity, natural gas at the workplace, and the salaries of the employees who work with them? We are faced with a new problem. Ramadan is a very important period for merchants. Ramadan is a time when people buy more in exchange for a year’s expectation. “The work of the merchants is difficult after the Bayram.”

“300 thousand more employees may be unemployed”

Ramazan Bingöl, president of the Association of All Restaurants and Tourism (TÜRES), said that the month of Ramadan has been lost and the sector is now hopeful for the aftermath. Bingöl said: “We hope to be fully open after Bayram. Otherwise, the industry will be in incredible trouble. In this process, we need a special incentive for our sector. It is very difficult for employees to live with 500 TL. Half of the employees are waiting now. If the support does not come after the ban, at least 300 thousand people may be unemployed, “he said.

Premium support for the food and beverage industry

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister for Family, Labor and Social Services, stated that they will provide premium support to employees in the food and beverage sectors in April and May. Selçuk made a written statement on the “support payment for the food and beverage sector” announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Stating that they will provide premium support to employees in the food and beverage sectors in April and May during Ramadan, Selçuk stated that the premium calculated on the minimum wage that employers must pay to SSI for those who work in March, those who can not benefit from support for standardization in April and May and will continue to work will be covered by the Ministry. Stating that in addition to premium support, support will be provided to policyholders taking leave without pay in workplaces that operate in the same sector, Selçuk noted that employers must define their employees’ insurance through the e system. -SSI to be able to benefit from this support. Minister Selçuk noted that payments will be made to employees through İŞKUR.

Source: Yener Karadeniz – World

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