Babacan: “They will run the propaganda machine calling for the ‘Istanbul Canal Coup'”

The president of the Democracy and Advancement Party (DEVA), Ali Babacan, evaluated the agenda of the Alarm Clock program presented by İsmail Küçükkaya on FOX TV. Babacan used the following expressions;

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“twenty-one. What do we call a coup in the century, but there was an attempted coup by FET … just five years ago? The blow that was off the agenda, it does not feel very easy to say that democracy in Turkey. Armed Forces personnel must be based entirely on merit. No other factors should be involved, no criteria. Those who deserve it must join the Armed Forces. If each incoming power has problems with a human resource adopting its own ideology, we will not get rid of the problems. “

“The retired ambassadors made a statement because the Foreign Ministry was tied up.”

“The government is working in Kanal Istanbul saying ‘I will do it out of spite.’ Technical, legal and environmental considerations are being neglected. Institutions used to form technical opinions. I would not say ‘prepare your opinion as I want’. 126 retired ambassadors recently made a joint statement. Why? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is linked. They cannot speak or work. The bureaucracy almost struggles with itself. No one has the courage to express their concerns to the president. “

“The declaration of the retired admirals is a serious deficiency.”

“The statements of the retired admirals are not acceptable. Since retiring, they have faced coup attempts and coups many times. They must calculate where the end of such an explanation will go. There is severe myopia. The timing is wrong, the channel is wrong … If the topic is Montreux, Montreux … They made a big mistake by broadening the topic and leaving it available for misunderstandings. “

“The government will use the declaration of the admirals for Kanal Istanbul”

“The government may present an alternative to the people in the coming days, like ‘Either you will support Kanal Istanbul or you are a coup plotter. This is how you can run your propaganda machine. This work “Do you want Kanal Istanbul or not?” Sorry for the mood. I am also calling my citizens. In the coming weeks the government will say this. 103 The Admiral offered this opportunity on a golden platter. The government will use it to the fullest. From now on, those who say ‘I don’t want Kanal Istanbul’ can say ‘Oh, are you with the coup plotters? Typical polarization “.

“There are three main problems with Kanal Istanbul”

“We will insist that we know it well. We will share the truth with our citizens in light of technical and scientific data. First; There are scientists and reports on Kanal Istanbul who have serious concerns about the environment. Latest; The fact that Istanbul becomes an island connected only by a limited number of bridges has security and earthquake risks. Third; There are risks in international law related to the Black Sea. These need to be studied thoroughly. The government will want to turn this business around and link it with Kanal Istanbul, we must be vigilant. Our desire is full democracy, this is not a matter for discussion. “

Evaluating the inflation data announced by TURKSTAT on the live stream, Babacan said:

“TURKSTAT figures and bazaar market inflation have nothing to do with it”

“We now call TURKSTAT the ‘Institute for Number Adjustment.’ There is no relationship between the market inflation of the bazaar and the figure announced by the state. We ask the merchants, the citizens who buy. Traders inflation is not less than 30 percent. If it’s a product that depends on foreign currency, 80, 90, 100 percent … A Kayseri trader, selling home textiles for 60 years in Mamak last Friday, said: “I have never seen such an increase fast pricing in any period. ” While this is the reality of life, TÜİK’s 15-16 percent inflation announcement cancels credibility. Without confidence, the economy will not improve. If the citizen says “Come on, dear” to the number he has announced, how will he build trust?

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