Babacan CBT and the Istanbul Convention Response: “Turkey in administered darkness!”

The president of the Democracy and Excretion Party (DEVA), Ali Babacan, the Istanbul Convention of Turkey and the withdrawal of the impeachment of the head of the Central Bank was to evaluate the decision. Addressing the public with his press release at his party headquarters, Babacan used the following statements;

“The midnight statements remind us of the memoirs, the period of military tutelage. At that time, the decisions were suddenly announced at night. This government turned the country into a country that came out of darkness again. Unfortunately, our country, which has already entered a dark period, is faced with decisions made blindly. While the feeling of drowning was a common feeling across the country, this morning we woke up with two more decisions. “

“Erdogan could not apologize to this nation”

“I said yesterday that Mr. Erdogan has two options. I said: ‘Either you will do whatever is necessary with the Central Bank or you will apologize to this nation for your false thesis.’ Mr. Erdogan could not apologize to this nation, he took a step towards the head of the Central Bank. In the last 20 months, we have seen four presidents from the Central Bank and four from TurkStat since the party presidency. Typically, the duration of these positions is five years. Can stability be achieved in such a country? These are mind-blowing developments. Prudent management does not do this. The name of this is arbitrariness, to put it mildly. This anarchy and irregularity is the most important problem of the mentality that governs the country ”.

“Do you sometimes justify violence against women like others?”

“Turkey is trying to make a decision from the Istanbul Convention. The subject of this contract is violence against women, domestic violence. These are our red lines. No justification can be found for these, nor can they be justified. This international convention is your convention. The problem of violence against women is growing in this country. There are femicides and domestic violence every day. You have been the head of government for years, what concrete step did you take on this issue? What action did you take, what decision did you take? What new legal regulation did you make? What new international convention did you sign? It is easier to destroy the present. If you don’t like it, what did you put in its place? Does it have stronger legal regulation? Or does it sometimes justify violence against women like others? Violence against women has no excuse, lack or excuse. It is the duty of every politician and every citizen to take a firm stance against violence against women r. This is what we expect from the government. “

“The sin of increasing violence against women is on the president’s neck”

“I appeal to the President of the Republic. If an image comes to life with this step, which is more violent, and shows femicide in a different way, sin and the plague will be on your neck. The plague of any increase in violence against women, domestic violence and femicide due to this step is yours. He fears the sighs of women. Instead, explain better precautionary measures, think from women’s necks. “

“The right of Parliament has been usurped by the Presidency”

What does our Constitution say? “International conventions are primarily a law.” You go through Parliament, you can’t even take it to the Constitutional Court. There is a more difficult revocation method than a normal law. While international conventions are first approved by Parliament and then put into effect by a government decision, the annulment of these conventions must also be done by Parliament. Once again, the government must put it into practice. Here is a clear violation of the law. With this decision, the Presidency usurped a constitutional right belonging to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. In this case, you can withdraw from all international contracts with a single signature. Sure, this method is size. It can be said that the same result could be found in Parliament. But the procedure is as important as the essence. “

“They may want to take responsibility for the downturn in the economy until the Istanbul Convention protests, let’s be careful.”

“Why are these two decisions made at the same time? It is known by the government that the withdrawal of the international agreement will provoke outrage in some segments. People can join in and protest the decision. When the financial markets open on Monday, the action taken with the Central Bank will have a negative impact on the market. Erdogan can package these two themes and say: “These are the streets, the markets are broken. They can put the economic balances that have been ruined by their own mistakes in people who act on a completely different theme. Let’s be careful with this game. It is It is natural for everyone to express their opinion through peaceful methods. But we must never allow the government to take advantage and become material to cover up its failure in the economy. “

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