AWS Community Day Turkey will take place on April 17

We are delighted to announce the second AWS Community Day in Turkey this year! AWS Community Day is an annual global event hosted by local / global AWS communities. In our country, AWS Community Day is officially “Turkey in the cloud and without server“It is organized by the community. The community is one of the most important communities in our country and even worldwide in the related fields of Cloud and Serverless, along with the events and trainings that it has organized so far.

AWS Community Day Turkey, which was first organized last year, reached a very large audience with 8 different speakers, each one more valuable and expert in their field, live streaming on YouTube due to the pandemic and 3,000 unique views according to the following. Focused on the AWS community; The second event is planned for this year after the first event, which included talks on AWS Cloud, serverless technologies and solutions in AWS, Computing, Storage and many more. Completely free In addition to this event, a donation was made to TEV with 3000 TL raised as a result of optional purchases for the event. We would like to affirm that Turkey’s cloud and serverless community is voluntary to work in this and many other areas of social responsibility.

Those who are curious about the past year can see it here:

It will take place on April 17

The expectation of participation in the AWS Community Day Turkey event, which will take place for the second time on Saturday, April 17, is much higher than last year. This company event sponsorship in the respective cloud area, all communities have a wide audience in Turkey, giving sponsorships, media events and contribution we always anticipate that the rate of people claiming to attend the event would be much more the direction.

Gifts to attendees

This year, again with 12 valuable expert speakers; Our speakers will make their presentations and demonstrations in a wide range such as Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Container, Serverless, IoT and Analytics. During the event, valuable gifts will be distributed to participants. $ 500 for 3 people; See you on Saturday, April 17 with a total of $ 1,500 AWS credits, a Community Day T-shirt, and surprise AWS credits!

You can find more information on the official website of AWS Community Day Turkey and register for free. You can follow the latest developments on the event from the links below:

Official website:

Event announcement on AWS Community Day Global: / community-day /

Twitter address: serverlesstr

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