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Interest in avatar crafting vehicles never wanes. In fact, they attract even more attention thanks to artificial intelligence and facial recognition technologies. Perhaps they will assume an even more important role in the post-pandemic world, where face-to-face interaction has weakened and our virtual identity has almost begun to replace our physical identity. For now, it is quite common that we can upload photos and manipulate this photo in certain styles. for example AI Gahaku Y Portraits with AI We have seen that these tools can transform selfies into classic vintage paintings. So what would it be like to be able to create an artistic avatar from scratch without uploading a photo? Also, imagine that anyone can do this without the need for drawing skills. Here is the popular platform of recent times. offers such an opportunity to the user.

The meeting point for illustrators and those who cannot draw:

Picrew.meI call it platform because it is not a tool that you just walk in and make avatars. Illustrators with different styles creator It is a meeting point where users can upload avatar creation templates and those who need avatars can also use these templates. Simply put, it is important to both illustrators and users. Behind the platform, which was launched in 2017, is the Japanese software company TetraChroma Inc. The platform is also entirely in Japanese. If you don’t speak Japanese, you can translate pages with Google Translate when you lose your way. Thanks to its ease of use and being one of the best examples of its kind, its popularity quickly surpassed the borders of Japan. has also become a social source of entertainment. With this tool, users can express how they see themselves with different templates and sharing You can know the comments of your friends. Not only users, but illustrators as well, advertise their newly added templates on social media. gained popularity especially after the pandemic started. It is no wonder that at a time when people cannot leave home and cannot reflect their style, they tend to continue this habit in the digital environment.

When creating an avatar, you are faced with many options, such as skin tone, nose structure, eyes, bruises, wrinkles and sagging, body, lips, accessories, hair, clothes, the background and many more. So eventually you can create a face that looks / resembles you. The one below is my humble avatar that I drew myself. Makowka, one of the most popular illustrators makowka oc maker I used the named template. By the way discovery I suggest you take a look at the section. There are some nice templates that are not very popular yet. Which manufacturer template do you like the most? Don’t forget to share your avatars with us.


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