As markets increase the number of suppliers, new strategies may be required to differentiate yourself from the competition.

The recent growth of markets and the increase in the number of providers help e-commerce companies to expand, which brings to mind the questions of how the competition will form in the next period. We have already mentioned that e-commerce has grown more than expected in 2020 and that it will continue to grow in the near future. If we consider that 2021 will be a similar year in this sense, it is certain that the income will increase; There is a more complex structure for the actors.

Shopify and Amazon are said to help small businesses globally, and even startups, according to some content, and increase their sales through marketplaces. According to the latest statements from Shopify, more than 1 million new sellers were defined in the system last year, and the volume growth of about 30% in the last quarter is due to new users defined in the market. On the other hand, Amazon works with a similar model of Shopify. SelzHe took a step to show his focus on external users.

With the growth of e-commerce, it should not be forgotten that face-to-face stores, which have problems in terms of sales, even some of them closed, continue to have a large share in total retail trade. Perhaps not within this year, but starting next year, the traffic in face-to-face stores is expected to approach its previous state. In this case, it appears that the growth of e-commerce and providers depends as much on marketplaces innovations as it does on how third parties will digitize.

When we look at the figures and future plans announced by the markets like Trendyol, Hepsiburada and GittiGidiyor, we see a positive impact on the revenue of companies with individual sellers. When we look at the data provided by Trendyol recently, we see the results related to the contribution to employment, the number of active users and the increase in the number of affiliated companies. Hepsiburada also claims that as he explained at the Webrazzi Summit, he is working on plans that focus on developing his own ecosystem and users here with the goal of supersede that started in Asia. GittiGidiyor claims that it increased the number of SME members by approximately 20% in 2020.

The main reasons why customers prefer online shopping are related to issues such as accessibility, price and campaigns, and product options. While the increase in the number of vendors in the markets is also easier to compare, it is useful to note that the only feature that will set any workplace apart in the coming period will not be affordability. Vendors and markets that reach their customers in different ways can increase competition and increase market growth.

In this regard fair Y To abound We believe that recent vendor support for e-commerce businesses such as e-commerce stands out. With these marketplaces, which are beneficial not only for the end user but also for the B2B model, it is possible to maintain the commercial vitality of fairs that do not take place for a while and allow sellers to follow their stocks more easily. Abound, who recently completed an investment tour, stated that it added approximately 200,000 new products to its options last year and claimed that its sales volume increased 20 times compared to before 2020. Faire, which completed its investment tour of the E series at the end of last year, is one of the most prominent e-commerce companies to become a wholesale market. When we look at the Abound and Faire models, we see practices that make new and independent sellers more visible and thus highlight their sales.

One of the most important themes that wholesale markets highlight is the ability of retailers to offer products that are not ubiquitous by filtering by topics such as place of production, reason and content. In the global e-commerce market, where Amazon has a large presence, you can bring together the most difficult-to-reach sellers with customers, instead of going the extra mile to get a product there with customers. Apart from this, they provide many opportunities for small sellers and D2C with the analytical tools that they offer to their customers, with long term loans, inventory planning and loans offered in the opening of new stores. While this provides providers with opportunities that end users may not realize, it also enables customers to get to know providers better across large markets.

Another change that may highlight online retail markets and help their suppliers is co-founder Nate Faust’s startup. Olivestands out in. E-commerce and freight companies, which have been looking for different solutions for the increasing volume of deliveries, have made more efforts than expected in this regard. major problems in terms of cargo delivery in Turkey occur at the same time in the same place without delivery of multiple orders received different shipping companies work with customers in terms of a major failure that does not also create a large long-term damage to the environment when we think in terms of sustainability. Explaining that it collaborates with brands such as Adidas, Anthropologie and Michael Kors, Olive consolidates the orders placed by the same client to different brands in its own center and ensures that it is delivered to the client in bulk, weekly or more frequently, depending on the frequency of purchase . While this type of operation helps the customer avoid one-time deliveries by increasing the user experience, it can also be beneficial for sellers in terms of strengthening the way they work with markets and distributing responsibility for logistics issues. to different parties.

When we consider wholesale markets and consolidation centers together, increased competition in terms of e-commerce can differentiate markets from different angles; It can allow sellers to grow on platforms closer to them and even contribute to the total trade not only in terms of profitability but also in terms of environmental contribution and sustainability.

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