Artificial Intelligence Eye Exam System to Prevent Vision Loss: EyeCheckup

The eye is one of the organs most affected during the aging process. Many insidious diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, hypertensive retinopathy, and occlusion of veins cause vision loss. It is usually irreversible. Therefore, early diagnosis is very important for cases of vision loss.

Five eye diseases are diagnosed

EyeCheckup technology, artificial intelligence-supported eye scanning system designed to prevent vision loss and blindness. Provides automatic eye scanning without the need for expert medical opinion and the use of eye drops. It works in the cloud environment to determine if there are abnormalities in the eye from the retinal images of patients and to refer those patients to an ophthalmologist. Thanks to EyeCheckup, anyone can have an eye scan in one minute, even in a health center. The goal of the technology that can diagnose five eye diseases is to increase this number to 20.

Founder of the company Rim khazhin“Health is the first need for all of us so that our lives continue in a peaceful and quality way. What about our eye health? 80 percent of vision loss can be prevented with an early diagnosis. The exam Routine ocular is not common, many people suffer from this condition. We have developed. “Thanks to this technology, we will try to prevent loss of vision and blindness. We have developed an artificial intelligence-supported eye exam system to overcome this problem. Thanks to this technology, now everyone can get an eye exam even in the health center. Support was obtained from TÜBİTAK 1507. FDA application initiated. “

Two more projects are being developed in the field of health

URAL Telekom, a high-tech company developing software for medical devices, DeepTech company, started operations in Antalya Teknokent, Akdeniz University Technology Region in September 2019. It also provides consulting services on software and systems performance optimization in the cloud scalable. The founder of METU electrical and electronic engineer Rim KHAZHIN has been involved in public projects, critical air control software, large-scale web and mobile projects with millions of users since 2000.

The company is also developing two more projects in the health field. The first of these is the software called ‘New Vision Fundus’, which allows obtaining, improving and reporting images of the retina from ophthalmic cameras. Since 2003, about 600 in Turkey and the United States and used by retina specialist ophthalmologists. The technology used by many of the major retinal clinical institutions and chains, including the National Eye Institute, Veteran Affairs hospitals in the US, is FDA approved and CE marked.

Ultrasound for obstetricians …

The other is ‘New Vision Ultrasound’ … This allows the acquisition of images of babies and deaths from ultrasound devices, and the exchange of images of babies with future mothers and fathers via the cloud. This software offers the ability to prepare reports for obstetricians and perinatologists.

Technological advances have brought with them important advances in the field of health. In this case, it speeds up and speeds up the possibilities of diagnosis and treatment and ensures reliable results. Especially after the Covid-19 epidemic that shook the world, companies that produce technology in this health field began to gain more importance. For this reason, Ural Telekom is among the initiatives that will attract attention thanks to the technologies it has developed.

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