Armenia and the Lost Years – Zeynel wrote Lüle

Armenia suffers a loss of 30 years. From the ceasefire in 1994, which began in February 1992 at the European Conference on Security and Cooperation (CSCE), until 2020 under the leadership of the OSCE, roadmaps for the solution of the problem were proposed, the protection of Armenia of the status quo or other In other words, years lost on paper due to their efforts to continue the occupation …

In April 2018, a “velvet / color revolution” took place in Armenia and thus the pro-Russian cadres who had determined Yerevan’s policy in Karabakh for many years were removed from power. Known for its closeness to the western world Nikol Pashinyan The government led by him took office.

Azerbaijan, for its part, increased its military power and more than a million Azerbaijani immigrants who had been exiled from their lands were returned to their homeland. Yerevan’s traditional foreign policy codes, even the Paşiny leadership is aware of the need to normalize relations with the occupation of the oldu.türki and Azerbaijan reasons to continue, in favor of the occupation of rationality. He even went to the occupied Karabakh and said “Karabakh is Armenia”.

In May last year, a president was elected as the established head of state in occupied Karabakh and the swearing-in ceremony was held in Shusha, the ancient and historic city of Azerbaijan.

The Armed Forces of Azerbaijan went to war with an offensive on September 27, 2020. As a result of the 44-day Second Karabakh War, which Azerbaijan called the “Battle of the Fatherland” Baku, the seven regions around the former Region Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region and many other regions within the former autonomous region, including the strategically and historically important city of Shusha saved the residential area from invasion.

The war in which more than two thousand soldiers of the Armenian army lost their lives, the occupied territories lost and the “Deal of Defeat” made Nikol Pashinyan the target of the people.

One of the problems was the economic loss. Armenia covered about 25 percent of its annual need for wheat from Azerbaijani lands. Since the lands of Karabakh are fertile and suitable for agriculture, other products in addition to cereal production were also easily cultivated on these lands. The defeat also affected the economy of Armenia.

To overthrow the Pashinian administration, the opposition parties formed the “Alliance for the Salvation of the Fatherland.” According to the latest information, this alliance also attracted the army.

Former Prime Minister and former Defense Minister, a key opposition political figure Vazgen Manukyan He also invited the Armenian army and police to support the people. “Every hour counts. Don’t make people wait in the squares. Join us ”expressions used. Former President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan he also called the army to service. Obviously, the army was not indifferent to these calls. And he invited the prime minister to resign.

Is this an attempted coup?

The army says that the call to resign was not made by pressure, it is aimed at serving the liberation of the country.

But it is a fact that lost years do not return.

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