Are you ready to face the truth on International Women’s Day? Bigumigu

The growing awareness of gender equality has caused humanity to debate gender roles in all areas. Sexism in the world of advertising, business and sports has been in the spotlight. It makes visible psychological violence and discriminatory discourses that are not as visible as physical violence. organized campaigns. Discrimination is so deeply ingrained that; Toys, fairy tales, songs, beauty standards and even road signs were analyzed one by one as elements that continue to spread this virus from generation to generation. March 8, International Women’s Day It is an important day to talk about these issues. In a society where we still don’t have the same conditions; We don’t want to be more exposed to insincere celebrations, flower distribution rituals, political attitudes that don’t reflect the truth, and contradictory attitudes. The movie, starring Demet Evgar, “Let’s face it”, I think is the best mirror of this situation. International Women’s Day it was one of the movies.

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Can we see the days when all the glasses will rise together?

In the movie, we are invited to the table of a group of friends gathered for March 8. The people at this table with men and women seem to be very civilized and non-discriminatory characters. They are almost like one of us. Then Demet Evgar gets up to give a speech appropriate to the importance of the day and to make a toast. Start talking but “Why and with whom are we raising this glass?” When it comes to the subject, everyone at the table begins to confront themselves. Of course, we as viewers have to face ourselves. Thanks to the great performance of Demet Evgar, we listened to this long talk without getting bored, with all the attention. This speech, which puts an end to hypocrisy, melts our inner fat.

One of the things I like the most about Let’s Face It is that women are also among those who lower their glasses. The campaign is signed by Brand The Bliss. I’d also like to congratulate the creative team at Brand The Bliss for not skipping such details. Because in this geography we regret to witness that women also use discriminatory discourses against their peers and act in a way that reinforces social roles. Now is the time to face ourselves and ourselves. No more those hypocritical celebrations where we distance ourselves from what we celebrate with whom and ignore everything. This rule applies to individuals as well as to companies and political parties. It doesn’t matter who says it and if it’s sincere or not!

Happy March 8, International Women’s Day to all of us!


Advertising Agency: Brand The Bliss
Advertiser Authority: Dumrul Sabuncuoğlu
Client Relations: Esra Mutlu, Caner Selçuk
Creative Strategist: Erhan Güven
Creative Team: Ceren Öz, Bedrettin Bayaslan, Koray Cengiz, Do Çiçek, Melike Çetinkaya
Director: Umut Aral
Music: Mert Oktan, Jingle Jungle
Production: Depo Film

Visual: YouTube

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