Are voice-based networking apps the future of social media?

Founder of the social network Path and also Club houseDave Morin, one of those who invested, told the New York Times: “This is a huge change in the way the social internet works. I think Clubhouse is a new chapter and era ”. TESLA CEO Elon Musk’s post and his post with Vlad Tenev, CEO of Robinhood, which is a stock trading practice for hobbyist stockbrokers, was very effective. sound technology company, have also been on the rise.

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Clubhouse, which allows users to interact with voice through chat rooms, is among the popular apps recently. Unlike other social media platforms, the Clubhouse app does not share text messages, video calls, posts, or photos. Sound is the primary mode of interaction in the app, which has reached a valuation of roughly $ 1 billion as of December 2020 … This is a new digital space, according to experts. That is why it quickly became the virtual meeting point for tech entrepreneurs, journalists, activists and celebrities.

Downloaded by 8 million people in February 2021

Users who create voice rooms only share their audio recordings, and the fact that this platform is only entered with an invite code stands out as two reasons why the platform attracts so much attention. In other words, in topic-configured chat rooms, users can join the conversation if they get permission from the chat administrator, or they can join the conversation only as listeners. In fact, these are things that users of social networks are not so used to. On the one hand, this privileged air excites users.

This argument is supported by data from mobile data and analytics company App Annie. Consequently, this large platform implementation launched in May 2020 reached 8 million downloads globally as of February 18, 2021 out of more than 3.5 million global downloads as of February 1, 2021, and nearly four million downloads alone. last month. More than 2.6 million of these are estimated to have occurred in the US Application countries are among the most widely used in Turkey. Turkey, at the beginning of February, Appfigures collected data from the applications most used by the United States, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom, becoming the fifth country after the number of downloads of about 125 thousand.

The new social network allows people to join rooms where different topics are discussed as listeners, speakers or moderators. But even though the app is spread by word of mouth, it still has many security flaws and privacy bugs. On the other hand, the fact that people are more open and cautious with those who believe they have similar ideas makes it easier for hackers looking for information to use against their victims. This raises the security vulnerability claims. It was claimed that the voice recordings taken from the app were recorded in the framework of speeches on the social media app and then these voices were transferred to China.

There are already problems with abuse and lack of content control in Clubhouse. The New York Times also wrote in recent weeks that there were numerous complaints that the Clubhouse did not do much to protect people from abuse. The platform states that hate speech, sex discrimination, and abuse are not allowed. In fact, it is known that the Community Moderation Guidelines were created in October against pre-existing hate speech and abuse issues.

Others are entering ‘voice-based networks’

Twitter and Facebook, not wanting to be left behind in the voice-based networking business, have started a study to add features to their platforms that provide voice interaction through chat rooms. Twitter is currently testing a new voice chat room called Spaces, which will be next to its platform and allow users to set up their voice-only chat room. According to New York Times news, Facebook also has a voice chat product that will rival the Clubhouse. is working. It looks like the Clubhouse voice-based network app will affect the future of social media.

It was also developed by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Paul Davison and former Google employee Rohan Seth and received an investment from investment firm Andreessen Horowitz in May. let’s remember.

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