Architectural drawings that appear to be illuminated with real light Bigumigu

Creative architectural-themed works have a special appeal. From digital artists expect to contemporary embroiderers We have included numerous studies that address this topic. Ukrainian artist Nikita Busyak, on the other hand, creates a different effect by adding realistic lighting to his drawings, which he does with pen and ink.

Nikita Busyak adds light to his drawings digitally

Nikita Busyak adds a digital highlight to every analog drawing. Then the windows of the black and white houses glow with golden light as if there is someone living inside. The artist’s passion for drawing began at an early age and he developed his skills by drawing what he saw around him. There has always been a desire to combine traditional pen and ink sketches with digital art. While playing with light and shadow in his sketches, the idea of ​​animating buildings by adding light to windows was born. Thus, he began to use digital tools. He fell in love with the effect of light in buildings, as he put it himself, and realized that this was the style he had been looking for for many years.

These are different types of buildings, from classic European buildings to apartments and cabins for one person in the forest. Add a slightly warmer look to these structures by adding light. Photograph your artwork in low light, preparing it for digital effects. The light shines better thanks to this slightly dark photoshoot. This simple trick makes it look like there is a small world in two-dimensional images.

Nikita Busyak Instagram You can move on.

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