Applications have started for the BAYKAR Flying Car Design Contest

TEKNOFEST As part of the Aviation, Space and Technology Festival BAYKAR to be organized under the direction of Flying Car Design ContestApplications of February 28Will continue until.

According to the TEKNOFEST statement, the idea of ​​a vehicle that can navigate both by land and by air for personal or public transport purposes, which has been tried to do since the beginning of the 20th century, does not seem very far off. will come to life in the near future.

The aim of the Flying Car Design Contest organized in the area of ​​”flying cars”, which is seen as one of the vehicles of the future; It is defined as the introduction of a “flying car” concept that can safely navigate from point to point in habitable areas or between residential areas, including densely populated areas.

The teams are expected to come up with designs that allow vehicles to move safely with each other and with their surroundings, considering the situation where several flying cars are operating in a city. The teams will therefore also work on the air traffic management system, which will be an important part of the flying cars of the future.

The competing teams are asked to show the flying car they designed in a simulation environment and to make a scale model of the flying car they also designed this year. In the final, the winner will receive 45 thousand TL, the second 30 thousand TL and the third 15 thousand TL.


Each year of the opening of more competition categories compared to the previous year and the largest in Turkish history technology competitions awarded TEKNOFEST Technology this year in 35 different competitions Contest.

Unlike TEKNOFEST 2020, Mixed Herd Simulation Contests, Communication Technologies, Unmanned Aerial Fighting Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, Culture and Tourism Technologies, Pole Research Projects for High School Students, Ground Vehicles are organized for the first time unmanned agricultural and digital technologies in industry.

raising awareness in technology and science, society as a whole, Turkish science and aims to increase its human resources trained in the field of engineering TEKNOFEST, to support its work on the technologies of the future of young people World dronecup the Model Satellite rocket from to hackistanbul dozens of awesome with competition The winning technology of Turkey’s worst performing contest.

With the aim of increasing the interest of young people in the production and development of national technology, a total of more than 5 million TL of material support is provided to the teams that pass the pre-selection stage this year to support the projects of thousands of young people. working in these fields.

Teams that are qualified to compete and qualify at TEKNOFEST will receive more than 5 million TL.

TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival; Turkey technology team in the Foundation of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and executive of Turkey’s leading technology companies, public and media organizations, organized with the support of 67 stakeholder organizations and universities.

Simply visit the website to be part of the TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, which will take place again in Istanbul from September 21-26, and apply.

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