Apple Goes Commission Discount for Small Business

Developer revenue earned through the App Store will reduce the commission of small businesses from 30 percent to 15 percent next year under the Small Business Program.

Apple is implementing the commission discount program. In 2021, the commission rate of App Store small businesses is cut by half. Apple has recently come up with high commission rates. The company aims to support economically by making commission discounts in this period when small businesses are having more difficulty with the pandemic. The App Store Small Business Program will be available to businesses that meet certain conditions as of next year. The program will also allow developers and entrepreneurs who aim to grow to further expand their presence in the App Store. All details of the program will be shared in early December.

What are the terms of participation in the Apple App Store Small Business Program?

Apple, coding screen swift Apple, coding screen As we mentioned above, all the details will be officially shared at the beginning of December. For now, some of the conditions of being included in the application are as follows;

For the program, which will start in 2021, all developers who earned less than $ 1 million last year will be able to apply. If the developer exceeds the upper limit of $ 1 million, it will be subject to non-discounted rates for the remainder of the year. If the program earns less than $ 1 million, which is the maximum amount in the year the program started, it will be able to benefit from the discounted program for the next year, not the rest of the year.

Developers involved in the program will continue to benefit from all opportunities. What happened in the commission war? Apple got into a lot of trouble with world-famous apps. Spotify clashed with Rakuten and Fortnite over their high commission rates. Fortnite resisted these high rates and broke App Store rules, adding an in-app payment system, causing it to be deleted from the store. Although the application owner, Epic Games, took this to the court, the court found Apple right and decided that it could be deleted.

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