Apple began negotiating with vendors for lidar sensors to be used in its driverless car

What Apple is preparing to produce driverless electric car We have already told you the work for which he has done. For automobile production Hyundai Engine Y Nissan I also find brands like Apple, took a new step for its driverless electric car.

How do you know lidar sensors One of the most important parts of autonomous vehicles. Lidar sensors are used to determine the distance of driverless cars to various objects, people, and other vehicles. Apple’s technology, albeit with a different purpose, iPhone as well as iPad Let’s add that it is used in models.

Bloomberg According to information shared by Apple, Apple began negotiating with various vendors for lidar sensors to be used in its driverless electric car. To remind you, Apple’s driverless electric car will be produced in the US and introduced in 2024. we transfer. According to the new report, the introduction of Apple’s driverless electric car It may take 5 years.

Another important detail from the report shared by Bloomberg was about car software. According to the disclosed information, Apple, software required for autonomous driving the vast majority have developed within the company. Apple also met with various automakers for the car’s production process and did not make an official statement on the matter.

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