Apple Arcade will enrich its catalog with 30 new games

Subscription service focused on mobile games from Apple Apple arcade, first appeared in March 2019. Based on information we have obtained from Apple, the original Apple Arcade games, Eternal Classics and App Shop Wonders Two new named categories.

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With the expansion pack, a total subscription service focused on mobile games 30 more games will be added. With 30 new games added, the total the number of games will reach 180. As a reminder, with a single subscription to Apple Arcade six people You can access the games on the platform.

Let’s add that games on Apple Arcade can be played without advertising or in-app purchases. Games included with Apple Arcade subscription iPhone iPad, Match and Apple televisionIt can be played in ‘s.

Among them “NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition“”Star Trek: Legends“AND”The Oregon TrailIn addition to the new exclusive games from Original Arcade, including productions such as “Ageless Classics and App Store Wonders, two new categories of games have been added to the service.”


According to the information we have obtained, in the Ageless Classics category “Good Sudoku by Zach Gage“”Chess – Play and Learn“AND”BackgammonClassic games like “will be played.” In the Wonders category of the App Store, “Monument Valley“,”Three!“”Mini Subway“AND”Fruit Ninja ClassicThere will be consolidated productions from the world of mobile games such as “. Apple Arcade, which offers a one-month free trial period to its users, has a TL 34.99 price We remind you that it has the label.

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