Another digital innovation from VakıfBank

Bringing the vast majority of banking transactions to the digital world VakıfBankHe paved a way in this field.

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Considered the most necessary step between branch and call center transactions in the industry, the ‘increased money transfer limit and password transactions’ can be performed using mobile banking for the first time with new recognition technology VakıfBank facial. In addition, account definition and activation operations can also be performed through VakıfBank Mobile. In this way, VakıfBank customers carry out their transactions without calling the call center or going to the branch, while the load on the call center has been reduced.

“We are building a world without contact”

Noting that they brought a new breath to the sector with this new technology. Abdi Serdar Üstünsalih, Managing Director of VakıfBank“We know our clients closely, thanks to our 66 years of experience, as well as our knowledge and skills in the digital field. Digitization is now a corporate culture for VakıfBank. With this knowledge, we have recently launched many digital products to make life easier for our customers. Increasing the money transfer limit, password, account identification and facial recognition technology make banking transactions like the activation of VakifBank once again become the first bank in Turkey, ”he said.

Distinguish by verification method

Noting that VakıfBank also differs with the verification method applied in facial recognition technology, Üstünsalih said: “We match the face of the person using the app with the biometric photo we have taken from the TC chip ID card. In this way, we quickly verify identity. This application is also the first in our industry, ”he said. “It will be easier to become a VakıfBank member very soon with the technologies we use,” said Üstünsalih, “It will be possible to become a VakıfBank member without having to come to the branch, instantly and without a wet signature via the VakıfBank Mobile app.” .

“We work for a good customer experience”

Üstünsalih completed his words as follows:

“The world of finance is experiencing a new digital age; Good customer experience and digital convenience are at the center. The experience of digital competition is made through innovations that are very easy to use and understand. Like VakıfBank, we are pioneers in this era. We mobilize our digital maturity for a good customer experience. We strive to create a contactless world for our clients. As VakıfBank, we constantly seek change and development with our digital capabilities, digital intelligence and knowledge. We are proud to bring together a new technology that we have developed by focusing on the needs of our customers with our customers. “

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