Ankara Halk Ekmek will give concessionaire to companies in the food and food sector

Ankara According to the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, companies that provide services in the food and nutrition sector, especially restaurants, cafes and restaurants, for the sale of products from Pan Público de Ankara dealer request able to.

Ankara Halk Ekmek Fabrikası CEO Hüseyin Velioğlu stated that they signed a 3-year contract with the merchants to sell the products at the unit price, and that the workplaces that signed the concession contracts should be at least 1 kilometer away away from Halk Ekmek Sales. points, Başkent market branches and Halk Ekmek kiosks.

Within the scope of the new application, a 10 percent markup for bread and a 20 percent markup for bakery products will be provided to workplaces included in the dealer system. Distributors will sell their products at the same price as factory outlets and Başkent markets.

At the workplaces where the concession agreements are signed, bagels, cookies, Ankara bagel, butter bagel, pastry varieties, water pastry, Karaköy pastry with cheese and minced meat, opening, kete, nut baklava and pistachios , “normal, gluten-free, roll, champions, hazelnuts, ensiyez and 57 different products such as varieties of whole wheat bread, grisini, crispy soup and snacks will be sold.

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