An initiative to read brain signals in real time with tattoos: Brain Scientific

Brain scientificproduces “electronic tattoos” that can be placed under someone’s scalp with a robotic device that looks like a traditional tattoo gun mixed with a three-dimensional printer. The company coined the term e-tattoo itself, as it consists of a series of tiny electrodes, each just a tiny fraction the size of a human hair, placed on the scalp – it looks like a tattoo.

Futurism According to the information provided by the electronic tattoo, once in place, wearing it behind the ear is extremely thanks to a compact microEEG device It can provide a clear reading of your nerve signals in real time. Currently, Brain Scientific’s microEEG processor is about the size of a postage stamp, but the company aims to make an even more compact version as research and development of graphene technology progresses.

Efforts are underway to prevent epileptic seizures

These data can be of great value to medical researchers. Baruch Goldstein, Co-Founder and CEO of the CompanyHe says Brain Scientific’s technology predicts that it will serve as a kind of real-time EEG data platform for physicians who want to study neurological conditions. The platform can be invaluable to anyone looking to develop virtual reality experiences or games that can be controlled by nerve signals or develop mind-controlled electronic devices. But right now, the most concrete use of electronic tattoos investigated by Brain Scientific is as a large data study on the neurological signatures of epileptic seizures, that is, it is used entirely for health.

Goldstein says they were trying to predict when a seizure might occur. It is too early to say what the consequences will be; However, he states that his first goal is to predict when the seizure will occur and thus take the medications that can prevent it. Goldstein explained that because the strands are so small, they don’t interfere with hair growth at all. Currently, no one has electronic tattoos; however, he stated that the company is working on clinical trials.

In addition to the electronic tattoo, Brain Scientific is developing a graphene tape that can be imprinted on a person’s head as a temporary tattoo. Graphene tape is less invasive and can be washed with a special solvent without the need for a doctor to remove it.

It is too early to predict what will happen to Brain Scientific’s epilepsy research, but we will be eagerly awaiting developments.

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