an entrepreneur who sold the Bebemoss brand to the US from Turkey: Izabela Erşahin

Izabela Erşahin, Fell in love with Turkey, a French mother of three … Entrepreneurs founded in 2013, We drinksIt employs 120 economically at-risk mothers, who are low-income women who are excluded from the traditional labor market in Istanbul.

He describes himself as someone who “happened to become a social entrepreneur.” Six months of mandatory bed rest in her second pregnancy gave her this idea. Izabela Erşahin explains how her story began as follows: “We met my wife here. I entered my life in Istanbul as a ‘foreign girlfriend’ (laughing). I was doing activities and organizing here before. But when my first child was born, I had a hard time doing it. Working with the baby was quite tiring. I quit those jobs. Later we decided to have a second baby. The process of getting my second baby was quite troublesome. I couldn’t get out of bed for six months because of bleeding during this Period. They wouldn’t even let me go to the bathroom. I did crafts – knitting, embroidery, crochet – because I couldn’t do anything other than television because I was in bed all day. “

She explains that when her son was born, she found herself wearing a lot of clothes and didn’t know what to do with it. She claims that her husband Emre Erşahin encouraged her to sell the products he produced on the Internet and continues: “While I was in bed, the manual work I did was so much that it was too much for a baby. Because I produced it for hours every day during six months. I started an Etsy store, where I started to wholesale products. Boutiques in the US started asking me for products. ”

2 thousand people requested the ad

From then on, he explains that he needs a team to scale production and the growing demand as an entrepreneur, adding: “I couldn’t produce all the inventory by myself. Izabela Erşahin says that despite all this, she has decided to turn this business into a business model and says that she has placed an advertisement on the Internet for it. “Because my goal was to reach mothers who wanted to earn additional income. I can’t tell you the week that passed after this ad. Two thousand mothers requested this ad. I had to download this ad at the end of the day,” she said. expresses his amazement in those days. She claims that at this very moment she understood the need of Turkish society and saw how women were excluded from the labor market. Among these applications, Erşahin, who met his current partner Zeynep Hanım, who was a haberdashery at the time, says he managed to assemble a team of talented women who will help make Bebemoss products as a team.

Continue with a team of 120 people

Erşahin and his team broke the organization and traditional workplace rules to get this job done. He authorized many of his mothers to produce toys in their homes. Entrepreneurs explain the reason for this as follows: “For mothers to become wives and housewives does not prevent them from obtaining income to support their professionals than themselves and their families. There is a law in which a well in Turkey, especially to work from home and interests for people who produce artisanal products. We products These women resell these products to us. There is a limit of up to 30 thousand liras. Up to this rate, the state does not collect taxes from the producers, and also provides a low withholding of taxes to the employer, those who buy the products, we take advantage of this law.

He explains the company’s working model as follows: “Mothers come to us, learn the pattern and characteristics of each model, buy the materials and then work in groups in our workshop or take the materials home to make. crochet as much as they can and as much as they want. Payment is made after the work is done. “

Bebemos has grown into a team of 120 people in the last eight years. It only manufactures abroad and has a limited number of products in its portfolio. Erşahin explains the reason for this as follows: “We work with limited stocks and produce as many products as they sell.” Bebemoss, a company based in Turkey, is trying it abroad. Because these artisan products are a very expensive job in terms of raw materials. Both were known at that time did not matter enough for what organic products in Turkey. The organic food market has reached a size of approximately 97 billion euros worldwide in 2018. The United States is the largest market among the countries in terms of organic products at 40.6 billion euros. For this reason, it counts that with the Bebemoss brand, it only targets the US as a target market. The Bebemoss brand is represented in Turkey under a company called Sector 7. This company produces toys for both Bebemoss and e-baby. He also works with the Ayota company from abroad. Erşahin’s current agenda is now Sector 7 … He has been producing knitted toys and ornaments, clothing and cloth masks since the epidemic.

The story of Bebemoss has aroused interest abroad and the Shopify team, arrived in Turkey drew this story. If you wish from here You can see

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