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One of the problems for which we have begun to hear steps along with the climate crisis is the food crisis. This problem, which we will begin to feel more and more frequently, has already begun to change the focus of manufacturers, sellers, consumers, local governments and communicators. Recipe book made with leftovers IKEA Scrapbook was one of them. Established in atlanta food forest, A lot of artificial intelligence and robot-assisted vertical farms It was one of the important breakthroughs that we have come across recently.

If we look at the situation in terms of stopping food waste; Location-based mobile application that allows you to sell non-salable food at a discount YourLocal it was important. Supermarket that sells food that is about to go to waste The good foodsupermarket that sells expired food WefoodIt is the supermarket of leftover food, whose price is set by customers Leeds were the applications that we should take as an example. Italy Y France By enacting a law to donate food not sold in supermarkets to those in need, he once again set an example for the world. Now, one of the most exciting initiatives in our country, Excess food that we have in front of us.

Avoid food waste and support local businesses while meeting their needs with a 50% discount

Surplus Food produces technological solutions for food waste and recycles surplus food for society using it. The Excess application that they have prepared for this purpose makes both businesses and consumers happy. This application offers its users surplus products from their favorite restaurants, cafes and markets with 50% discount offers. Thus, users satisfy their needs by preventing food from being wasted. On top of that, they become part of the food waste prevention movement.

One of the most important elements of the sustainable approach is the locality. At the root of this understanding; There are objectives such as reducing carbon emissions, ending injustice between the center and the periphery, creating economically self-sufficient habitable areas and access to healthier food without mediation. Therefore, local buying has positive results for both producers and consumers. For example; such as ensuring the survival of local businesses, providing employment, consuming healthy products by buying directly from the producer. More application also benefits in this regard. Users have access to a limited number of opportunities in surplus “fresh food” from their favorite restaurants, cafes and markets; support these businesses. Today, when people try to survive the economic crisis, this practice allows to reduce the cost of food thanks to discounts of up to 50%. The application makes suggestions to users about what they can buy with surprise offers. After the user selects the product, he can receive the package prepared in his name from the point where the business is located at the specified time. In addition, users can use the companies they want to be included in the platform. from here may suggest.

Excess of application, App store Y Google playIt can be downloaded from. Evolution of the company in relation to excess food Facebook page, Twitter Y Instagram you can follow.

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